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Half a kilometer into the sky: the tallest skyscraper in the USA will be built in Oklahoma

Authorities in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) have finally lifted the height limit on the construction of the Legends Tower skyscraper. The building, 581,22 meters high, will be erected by the developer Matteson Capital and will become the tallest in the United States, writes New York Post.

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On Tuesday, June 11, the Oklahoma City City Council approved new zoning for the controversial Legends Tower project and lifted restrictions that originally called for the skyscraper's height to be 533,4 meters. Such parameters would make the building the second tallest in the United States after Manhattan's One World Trade Center (541,3 meters), but after the approved 581,22 meters it will become the tallest in the States.

The Oklahoma City project received initial height approval back in April and is now ready to begin construction. The skyscraper will include two residential buildings, low-income housing, garages and a Hyatt Dream hotel with 480 rooms and 85 condominiums located on the 22nd floor above parking and retail space.

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The only obstacle to the construction of the tallest skyscraper in America is the Las Vegas-style lighting proposed earlier in the project, which was supposed to cover all four towers of the complex. This element caused the most heated debate at previous presentations of the project.

Mark Zitzow, director of urban planning for consulting firm Johnson & Associates, said the lighting design will be replaced with a new one that will be the most detailed yet. The new project does not allow billboards or auxiliary signs to be placed on the building.

Construction on the $1,2 billion skyscraper was supposed to begin this summer but has now been pushed back to the fall.

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