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The Taliban continues to hunt, and the United States continues to evacuate: how the situation in Afghanistan is developing

The United States continues to evacuate American citizens and local collaborators from the Taliban-held Afghanistan. President Joe Biden has already called it “the most difficult rescue operation in history” and admitted that he could not guarantee its final outcome. In total, as of Friday, August 14, the United States has evacuated 13 thousand people. Another 12 countries, including Germany, Italy, Turkey, Tajikistan and others, have declared their readiness to provide temporary shelter to thousands of evacuees.

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In the meantime, according to people directly monitoring what is happening, at the same time as organizing the flights of their own citizens, the Americans began to urgently prepare documents giving the right to evacuate to those who had previously collaborated with them. First on the list of priorities are those who had already started applying for an immigration visa earlier, but the process had not been completed when the Taliban seized Kabul. So, ex-sergeant of the American army Eric, about which earlier wrote Forum Daily, said that his former translator and valuable source from Afghanistan had already received an evacuation notice and a special pass to the airport's perimeter guarded by the military, but due to the pandemonium reigning there, he could not get on the flight.

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For their part, the Taliban are also hindering the evacuation procedure. There are already known cases when militants prevented people from getting to the airport. There were also made public materials prepared for the UN report, according to which the Taliban have stepped up the search for residents of Afghanistan who have provided assistance to the United States and NATO. According to the BBC and The New York Times, the militants have a list with the addresses of people who collaborated with the Americans, whom they want to "interrogate and punish." If the person cannot be found, they threaten to kill or arrest family members. Many of those who are currently at the Kabul airport in hopes of evacuating were blacklisted. Recall that the same information previously reported Forum Daily Afghan Manzur, who described how the Taliban fighters had already visited his relatives in Afghanistan in search of his brother Manzur, who worked for the fallen government and NATO forces.

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Manzur assures that all of his remaining in the country are in danger, and, as practice shows, his fears are far from groundless. The Taliban are hunting not only military specialists, but even international journalists and their families. In particular, the militants, pursuing the journalist of the German edition Deutsche Welle, shot dead one of his relatives and seriously wounded the other. The journalist himself, according to the German state television and radio company, is now in Germany.

Forum Daily journalists will continue to monitor developments and sincerely hope that everyone in danger will be able to leave Afghanistan without hindrance. Below is a poem dedicated to those who died without waiting for the promised help:

You don't have to ask for anything

There is nothing to be regretted about.

The fate of the chassis removes

And death strides towards.


The silence is broken by a rumble -

Like a thunderclap in a thunderstorm

And the night Kabul is gaping,

Like hell's mouth below.


Screams of pain and crunching of bones -

This piece has a simple ending.

What will those answer us now

Who called us friends?


But the lights are crashing into the night

Gliding on the cooled earth,

So that you understand at the last moment

That words cannot be trusted.


And, fighting the icy stream,

Grasping the ledge of the piles,

You look at the doorway

As if it is a gateway to heaven.


And the last step remains

To a world where there are no winds, no lies ...

And fly up like a balloon

Weightless soul dust.

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