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8 citizens of Tajikistan were arrested in the United States: they are suspected of having links with terrorists

US federal agents have arrested eight Tajik citizens in the United States on charges of violating immigration laws. It is believed that those arrested were associated with terrorists. About it CNN said two sources who were aware of the law enforcement operation.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services field office in downtown San Diego

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The arrests, carried out by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), took place in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia, sources said.

One of them noted that eight people had previously crossed the southern border of the United States, were checked by American authorities, and at that time no incriminating information about them was identified.

A second source said investigators had discovered possible links between the men and ISIS members abroad. A federal investigation was launched. According to the source, the suspects were identified in the United States using highly sensitive government surveillance methods of ISIS communications abroad.

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Incidentally, the ability to spy on foreign citizens was the subject of intense debate in Congress earlier this year. At the time, conservatives criticized the broad powers of the US intelligence community. A two-year authorization for a portion of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), known as Section 702, was finally approved by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President in April.

The group of Tajiks was under the surveillance of American authorities for more than a month. Recently, senior US officials finally decided to deport eight people under ICE's enforcement and deportation program in an effort to nip the potential conspiracy in the bud.

On Tuesday, ICE and the FBI said in a press release that ICE agents "arrested multiple stateless individuals" in coordination with FBI counterterrorism teams.

“The detainees are in ICE custody pending deportation proceedings,” the news release said. “The FBI and the US Department of Homeland Security are constantly monitoring the situation for terrorist threats.”

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Investigators do not currently believe the eight men received training abroad or were intentionally sent to the U.S. to carry out acts of violence, one of the sources said. Among those arrested, he said, were several people who expressed extremist views. It is not yet clear whether the others were arrested simply because they knew these people.

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