Nuclear scientist commits suicide in Moscow

In northeastern Moscow, a 65-year-old nuclear scientist Alexei Kalagin, who suffered from pancreatic cancer, committed suicide. It is noted that before his death, the man wrote two notes in which he spoke about the attacks of pain that tormented him, which there was nothing to drown out. He also asked not to blame anyone ...

In Israel, an employee shot himself because of accusations of racism

An Israeli Immigration Officer committed suicide following a social media scandal over a black woman's complaint of racist treatment. An unnamed woman wrote on Facebook that she complained to Ariel Ronis about discrimination in obtaining a passport for her son, in response he recommended ...

Shakespeare appeared on the Internet after Roskomnadzor censorship

On March 19, it became known that Roskomnadzor prohibits not only describing methods of committing suicide, but even indicating the reasons why a person decided to take extreme measures. A version of Romeo and Juliet appeared on Twitter, which meets the requirements of Roskomnadzor.    

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