Americans spend more than 15% of the budget on transport: in which cities it will soon be free

According to the United States Census Bureau, the average American spends 25,9 minutes a day traveling to work one way, which is just over four hours every week spent traveling to work. This is written by CNBC. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, ...

9 things you can get for free in March

Calendar spring has already begun - get ready to take advantage of the various free features of March 2020. You are waiting for free streaming services, potato chips, pies and much more, writes Money Talks News. Sling TV - Continuously Enjoy Streaming TV Shows and Movies in March ...

Conflict Seminar for couples in Russian

At this seminar, couples will learn how to resolve conflicts, as well as how to avoid them in relationships with loved ones. You will find a boring form of the event and practical tasks. The seminar is conducted by a graduate of Wheaton College, specializing in family therapy, Igor Zhukov.

Free tasting Armenian wine

APRIS Wines Armenian Wine Store and its owners invite everyone to a free tasting of real Armenian wines. Here you can not only taste a delicious drink, but also meet new interesting people.

Free Rooftop Party

DL Rooftops host free parties on Fridays. Guests will be able to meet interesting people, admire amazing views of the city and dance to great music.

Free comedy show and pizza

It offers an unforgettable fun evening, a meeting with famous comedians and free pizza. Stand-up stars from Netflix, HBO and Comedy Central will perform at the evening. This is a great place to end your day on a fun note.

Free tasting of Ukrainian vodka

Come to a free tasting of alcoholic drinks with Chervona vodka - distilled, infused and bottled in California. Chervona is prepared according to a special Ukrainian family recipe of the late 19th century. The creator's grandson improved the distillation process and created the first such vodka. Thanks to the unique distillation ...

Workshop 'First Step to Starting a Business' in Russian

The goal of this course is to help you understand what starting a business in New York requires and to define your own expectations for life as a business owner.

8 things you can get for free in February

From free frozen yogurt to free antivirus software, Money Talks News has put together some of February's most interesting offers. This selection also offers free food delivery and movie rental - the perfect way to spend your St. Valentine's Day ...

12 valuable items you can get for free

Nowadays, we buy a lot of things that we could never even dream of decades ago. But an experienced buyer can still find a way to get many valuable items for free. Knowing these you can save a lot of money - even by ...

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