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Son of US Vice President Joe Biden dies of cancer

The eldest son of US Vice President Joseph Biden, Bo Biden, died of brain cancer in the 47 year of life.

“With a broken heart, we - Holly, Hunter, Ashley, Jill and I - announce that our husband, brother and son Bo have left us. He fought brain cancer with the same dignity, courage and strength that he displayed every day of his life, ”the vice president said in a statement.

Condolences to the Biden family were expressed by President Obama and his spouse.

“Michelle and I humbly pray to the Lord to take care of Beau Biden and to protect and comfort his family here on Earth,” Obama said.

Bo Biden had a law degree, served in the National Guard, visited Iraq, and at the time when his father represented the state of Delaware in the US Senate, he served as state attorney general.

Many assumed that after Joseph Biden became vice president, Bo Biden would take his father’s place in the senate, but he preferred to practice law.

Earlier this month, Bo Biden was urgently referred for treatment at the national armed forces medical center. The administration of the vice-president then refused to tell what his son was sick.

In 2010, Bo Biden suffered a minor stroke, and three years later he underwent surgery at a cancer center in Texas - reportedly to remove a small tumor.

In 2014, he declared that he would not run for a third term as prosecutor general.

Instead, Bo Biden planned to run for state governor in 2016.

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