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Trump's son supported the idea of ​​sending congressmen with migratory roots to their home countries

Eric Trump, son of US President Donald Trump, said on Fox & Friends that Democrats have "no message" to convey to the American people, so they resort to "name-calling" and accusations of racism against his father. Fox News.

Screenshot from Fox News video

“This is the most hate-filled group I've ever seen,” he said, drawing attention to anti-Semitic statements and calls for the abolition of ICE that led to protests over the weekend, during which protesters removed the American flag and raised the Mexican flag in its place. at the ICE Colorado office building.

Show host Steve Dusi argued that it was Trump's tweets about the need for some Democratic congressmen to “return” to their home countries caused a cascade of criticism and accusations that the president was “racist.” Dusi noted that even Republicans claimed that these tweets crossed the line.

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“I love the tweet that if you don’t love our country, leave,” Eric Trump replied, comparing the United States to other countries.

“I’m not saying that America does not have certain problems. But look at what conditions exist all over the world and you will realize that you are lucky to live here. We are happy to live in this country, ”he added.

The tension on this issue escalated on July 16, when Republican of Georgia Doug Collins demanded that Speaker Nancy Pelosi (from the Democratic Party) speak out of the public report of the House of Representatives meeting after she condemned the “racist tweets of the president”.

Then the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted not to delete Pelosi’s words from the protocol, the votes were divided along party lines. Then there was resolution adopted condemning Trump's remarks.

Recall, Trump was accused of racism after he posted on Twitter a message criticizing the representatives of the Democratic Party in the US Congress.

He noted that we are talking about women who "come from countries that are in a state of complete and total catastrophe", and invited them to returnto clean up these countries.

Donald Trump also added that Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi "would be happy to arrange free trips."

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Such an initiative of the President of the United States appeared a week after Mrs. Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Congress and also the representative of the Democratic Party, came together in a verbal discussion with a group of four women Democrats with left-wing views.

Three of them - Alexandria Okasio-Cortes, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Presley - were born and raised in the USA, and the fourth, Ilhan Omar, moved to the USA in childhood.

In addition, it is expected that on Wednesday, July 17, the House of Representatives vote on impeachment President Donald Trump.

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In the U.S. racism scandal Donald Trump
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