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The son of a Russian deputy can be put in the US for 30 years

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The son of a Russian deputy, accused of cyber fraud in the USA, Roman Seleznev, pleaded guilty, reports RIA News. This data is contained in the court documents with which the agency was able to become familiar.

The confession readings written in English by Seleznev by hand occupy 11 pages.

“I accept full responsibility for everything. I'm afraid of punishment, the document says.

“I, Roman Seleznev, want to say: I'm wrong and I'm sorry. Hope I get out of prison one day. I will work very hard to pay off my debt to victims and society. I will work honestly, ”promises Seleznyov, who previously did not admit his guilt.

“I have done many wrong things in my life and I take responsibility for it. I am imperfect, I have done wrong. I can't blame anyone but myself! I did it, and now I will answer, like a man, for my crimes, ”Seleznev writes.

The author of the letter writes that he “wanted to cry himself,” listening to the testimony of the victims in court. The prosecution justified the jurisdiction of the court by the fact that the victims of Seleznev's actions lived, including in the state of Washington, some of the victims appeared in court. “Some even lost their business because of me. I am so worried that people are suffering from what I have caused them, ”Seleznev writes.

Seleznev describes in detail his difficult childhood. According to him, he lived from the age of 2 with his mother in a room of 10 square meters in a communal apartment. Seleznev mentions difficult material conditions and describes how he independently learned computer literacy, staying alone at home for a long time. One day he found his mother drowned in the bathroom. “She is dying of alcohol poisoning. I panic and cry very much from this pain - the loss of my mother, ”Seleznev writes.

Then he describes how he lost his apartment because of a conflict with his uncle and got a job at a computer club, where he earned the equivalent of $ 5 per day.

“I was not a problem for anyone and did not create any problems when I was young. I was respectful, polite and always tried to do well, ”Seleznev writes. However, according to him, then he went on a criminal path.

“I was wrong and went in the wrong direction. My mom would never be proud of me for that. I become a hacker and hack into computers to find credit cards and other information that I can sell, ”says Seleznev's testimony.

“I used my skills poorly and knew it was shameful and wrong. In 2007, I found a large database of credit cards and sold them for a large amount of money. I became greedy and lost control of myself, ”Seleznev writes.

Without asking for leniency from the court, Seleznev describes his exemplary behavior - in particular, that he began to study intensively in prison. Seleznev describes that he has already received a number of degrees in jurisprudence and is studying for a specialty in hotel and restaurant management, and plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in business management.

“Please understand that I was a desperate child who grew into a desperate man. I want to pay for my unrighteous deeds and rectify the situation as much as possible, ”the testimony says.

The verdict in the case of Seleznev is scheduled for April 21 in a Seattle court. He faces 30 years in prison. The Russian was jury convicted for 5 articles in August 2016.

The prosecution stated that Seleznev caused damage on $ 170 million. Prosecutors at the trial argued that on Seleznev's computer, when 2014 was detained in the year, 1,7 million stolen credit card numbers were found, and almost all 3 million numbers were stolen.

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