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The son of a Hollywood director fights in Syria on the side of al-Qaeda

The son of Hollywood director Patrick Kinney, according to CNN, is the first white al-Qaeda fighter in Syria. In the Syrian al-Nusra Front, which is the local branch of al-Qaeda, Briton Lucas Kinney is called the “cover guy”.

Lucas's father has worked on many projects in Hollywood as an assistant director, including Indiana Jones (1989) and Braveheart (1995).

According to the parents of a member of a terrorist organization, they rarely receive news from their son, and, according to the latest report, a fighter known in Syria as Abu Bashir al-Britani was seriously injured.

“Lucas is a target [for the coalition and Russia],” says Kinney's mother Deborah Phipps in an interview with the British newspaper. Daily Mail. "I am glad that he is in the ranks of al-Qaeda, and not of the Islamic State, but still I am very worried about him."

Al-Nusra Front is opposing both IS and the regular army of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. At the same time, the positions of this al-Qaeda cell with air bombed Russia and international US led coalition.

In addition, according to Deborah Phipps, she is afraid that her son will become a suicide bomber.

Lucas Kinney grew up in a Catholic family, attended a Catholic school and even wanted to become a priest before converting to Islam. Its task is reportedly to recruit Islamic State fighters into Al-Nusra.

As Forum wrote earlier, the Syrian Al Nusra Front was listed as terrorist organizations United States of America in 2012 year.

According to parents who have long been divorced, the terrorists recruited Lucas in Vienna, where he moved after studying at the University of Leeds. For a time, Lucas lived in Saudi Arabia, where his stepfather got a job.

CNN broadcast footage of Abu Bashir al-Britani making his screen debut as al-Nusra's field propagandist:

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