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Biden's son and Florida prosecutor used Ashley Madison

Among the data 37 millions of users of the portal Ashley Madison found an account that may belong to Hunter Biden - the son of US Vice President Joseph Biden.

As the CNN, Hunter Biden has already denied these reports.

Ashley Madison burglary scandals for dating unfaithful spouses seem to be just starting.

The vice president's son emphasized: “I am confident that the account in question is not mine. This was clearly set up by someone without my knowledge, and I myself only found out about it from the media. "

Hunter Biden's account was discovered, among others, registered on Ashley Madison, under the name of Robert Biden. It is worth noting that the full name of the son of the vice-president is Robert Hunter Biden. However, the main suspicions are related to the email address to which the account was registered in 2014.

Hunter Biden himself stressed that he stopped using this email address, as he suspected that he was hacked. The son of the politician said that the goal of this entire campaign was to tarnish his reputation, although he did not name any specific persons interested in this.

Note that the Vice President of the United States Joe Biden thought about participation in the Democratic presidential race. During a meeting at the White House on August 24, the current US President Barack Obama “blessed” 72-year-old Biden and made it clear that he was not against his possible nomination.

State attorney

Florida Prosecutor Jeff Ashton also ended up in a leaked AshleyMadison base - two accounts were registered in his name at once. After it was reported in the media, Ashton called a press conference at which confessed: he really used the site for cheating.

According to the prosecutor, when registering on the site he was moved by curiosity, while he did not meet anyone and never cheated on his wife. “I understand it sounds strange when they say that you are interested in looking at the site, but not changing it, but this is an honest answer,” Ashton assured journalists.

He admitted that he sometimes went to AshleyMadison from work, but did it only through a personal laptop and public Wi-Fi. “Although no laws were violated, it was an incredibly stupid choice,” the prosecutor noted and apologized to his wife and children.

Ashton believes that his passion will not affect his work, but this question is still open. His critics say that taxpayers pay for public Wi-Fi, which means that the prosecutor used government resources to visit the site, writes "Jellyfish".

19 August it became known that the web published data with Ashley Madison site, stolen by hackers in late July. The archive in the size of 9,7 GB contained logins and passwords, as well as the names and addresses of millions of users of the site. In addition, the published database contains the history of payments by customer cards since 2007.

US media reported that this portal used by thousands government workers. According to the source of The Washington Examiner, 44 people have registered on the site using the electronic mailbox.

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