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'Freedom for Navalny' and 'Release': rallies were held in the USA in support of the Russian opposition leader

On April 20-21, large-scale protests took place in the United States in support of the Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The protesters demanded that a doctor be allowed to see him and that he be released from custody. ForumDaily decided to tell you how these rallies went.

According to the group "Protest Russia" on Facebook, a wave of protests swept through 13 US cities: Boston (Massachusetts), New York, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), Washington (DC), Miami (Florida), Detroit (Michigan), Houston (Texas), Denver (Colorado), Los -Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento (California), Portland (Oregon) and Seattle (Washington).

Protesters took to the streets with placards calling for the release of Navalny. Some of the inscriptions said that Russian President Vladimir Putin was a murderer and should be punished for his actions. The protesters chanted Russia will be free, Freedom to Navalny, Release and Putin is the killer.

Some protesters came out wearing masks with a picture of Putin and handcuffed as a sign that it was time to arrest the President of the Russian Federation.

“I came here to protest against the establishment of an authoritarian regime in Russia. And I demand the release of Alexei Navalny and all political prisoners, ”explains one of the protesters.

“People in Russia, don't be afraid - take to the streets. If you are silent now, you will not be able to say anything more tomorrow, says Igor from Los Angeles. - We are worried about what is happening in Russia. We want our relatives and their children to have a choice. ”

Screenshot of video "Radio Liberty"

“I would like the entire international community to take as much part as possible in the fate of Alexei,” joins another protester.

“In Russia, we need to end the Putin regime and establish democracy,” a comrade-in-arms complements his words.

In other countries of the world

Similar protests took place in Paris and London. According to Wikipedia, about 500 people gathered in the square in front of the city hall in Paris, and about 150 people gathered at the Russian embassy in London.

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A rally in support of Navalny also took place in Berlin, Dusseldorf and other cities in Germany. In Berlin, the participants (mostly Russian-speaking) marched outside the Federal Chancellor's office and then at the Russian Embassy. The general director of the German branch of the human rights organization Amnesty International, Markus Beko, has demanded to release Navalny.

People also protested in Australia and New Zealand. In Auckland, about 35 Russian-speaking people took part in the action (although it is noted that many could not take part because of the work), and in Melbourne, about 50 people.

More than 100 protesters took part in the rally in Helsinki. Those present, divided into groups of 6 (a requirement of the authorities in connection with the coronavirus), held posters and chanted slogans in support of the Russian opposition. One girl came to the rally with a white and red Belarusian flag.

In Russia

All over Russia, people also rallied in support of Navalny. In Moscow, the protesters were joined by stars, as well as Navalny's daughter and wife, writes Meduza.

During the protests, about 1500 people were detained, and on the eve of the action across the country, the police came with searches to the activists of the movement to free Navalny.

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The police estimated the number of protesters in Moscow at six thousand people, in St. Petersburg - at 4,5 thousand. Navalny's associates called for this estimate to be multiplied by 10. Ekho Moskvy editor-in-chief Alexei Venediktov, citing unnamed experts, said that 10-15 people took part in the rally in the capital, and 25-XNUMX in St. Petersburg. According to Open Media estimates, at least XNUMX people protested in Moscow.

According to the authorities and journalists, in the regions of Russia most people went to the rallies in Yekaterinburg (about five thousand people), Novosibirsk and Omsk (about three thousand people) and Chelyabinsk (about two thousand people).

In St. Petersburg, stun guns and rubber truncheons were used against protesters. Some of the detainees suffered serious injuries, including broken legs. In Volgograd, tear gas was used against several protesters who tried to prevent the detention of other protesters (injuring nearby journalists).

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • On the morning of August 20, during a flight from Tomsk to Moscow, the founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), Alexei Navalny, felt sick on the plane. The liner made an emergency landing in Omsk, where Navalny was hospitalized in the emergency hospital No. 1, in the toxic intensive care unit. There the politician fell into a coma.
  • Ex-FSB officer and opposition politician Gennady Gudkov toldwhy Navalny's associates and other politicians call the version of the involvement of the special services a priority, as well as how and with what the oppositionist could have been poisoned.
  • August 21, the wife of Alexei Navalny Julia signed permission to transport her husband for treatment in Germany. On the morning of August 22, Navalny taken by plane to Berlin... He was still in a coma.
  • The clinic where Navalny was taken confirmed the assumptions about his poisoning... Clinical studies have indicated a substance from the group of cholinesterase inhibitors.
  • Transportation of an opposition politician to Germany on a special medical plane paid for by Russian businessman Boris Ziminwho now lives in the United States.
  • In the United States Department of Commerce сообщилиthat Washington has good reason to believe that the research institutes (SRIs) of the Russian Defense Ministry are involved in the development of chemical and biological weapons.
  • September 4th German laboratory found traces of Novichok in Navalny's skin, blood and urine samples.
  • On September 7, the Charite clinic, where Alexei Navalny was located, released a new message: politics brought out of an artificial coma and began to gradually disconnect from the ventilator.
  • On September 10, it became known that Navalny completely recovered, memory and speech returned to him.
  • September 15 politician for the first time since poisoning posted a photo on Instagram. The New York Times wrote that he intends to return to Russia.
  • On September 23rd, the clinic announced that Navalny was discharged... In total, he spent 32 days in a German hospital.
  • In November, the US Congress condemned the poisoning of Navalny and called on the United States and the international community to impose sanctions against those involved.
  • Mid-December results joint investigation Bellingcat, The Insider and CNN, with the participation of Der Spiegel, revealed that the attempt on the life of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny in Tomsk was the work of a group of FSB operatives.
  • January 18 police took Navalny from passport control at Sheremetyevo airport just after his return from Germany, where he received treatment after poisoning last summer. After that, he was arrested for 30 days.
  • On February 2, the Simonovsky Court of Moscow satisfied the Federal Penitentiary Service's demand and replaced opposition leader Alexei Navalny's suspended sentence in the Yves Rocher case with a real sentence sent to jail... The court found that Navalny had systematically violated the rules of probation.
  • On April 3, Navalny announced the head because a doctor was not allowed to see him. About how effective such hunger strikes are, read in our material.
  • April 19 Navalny transferred from the colony to the hospital for convicts... On Sunday, April 18, many countries joined an international protest against the conditions of detention and treatment of Navalny, who was in the Pokrovskaya colony, 100 kilometers east of Moscow. In addition, 77 Western writers, directors, actors and journalists, including Svetlana Aleksievich, Jude Law, Stephen Fry, Rafe Fiennes, Vanessa Redgrave, Tom Stoppard and Peter Singer, wrote an open letter to Vladimir Putin.

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