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Tajik oligarch daughter's wedding: dress for $ 630 thousand and cake in 10 floors

Photo: Instagram / aleshinastya

Wedding attire Shokirova Shil famous brand in Hollywood. Photo: Instagram / aleshinastya

Last weekend a Tajik oligarch Ilkhom Shokirov married his daughter in Moscow. The celebration took place in the Congress-Park hall of the Radisson Royal Hotel. 900 people were invited. By the most conservative estimate, the wedding cost $ 2 million.

The bride's dress alone was paid $ 630 thousand. Madina Shokirova ordered the outfit to British designers Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo (Ralph & Russo). The wedding dress consisted of several layers of tulle and was embroidered with metallic silver thread and inlaid with several thousand pearls and Swarovski crystals. Designers Tamara and Michael also adorned the dress with many small organza petals.

They treated the guests with traditional Central Asian dishes, elite alcohol and cake from pastry chef Renata Agzamov. The cake turned out huge - 10 "floors". How many the pastry chef has requested for him, the story is silent.

But it is known that the entertainment program flew Mr. Shokirov into a pretty penny - 30 million rubles ($ 473 thousands). Foreign stars did not invite. Leading was Ivan Urgant. Philip Kirkorov, Glukoza, Soso Pavliashvili, Leonid Agutin, Timur Temirov sang.

Before the wedding, Madina arranged for 2 girlfriends a bachelorette party. First she chose to celebrate on a yacht in Marbella (Spain).

The bride and her guests arrived there and back in a private jet.

The second party was organized in one of the most expensive Moscow restaurants - BalziRossi.

About the groom almost nothing is known. The Russian media only mentions the name of a young man - Sardor.

Ilkhom Shokirov earned his fortune in the oil industry. Then successfully invested money in the hotel business. He owns the most expensive hotel in Tashkent - the Grand, as well as several hotels in the Moscow region. In addition, Shokirov owns 65% of the shares of the major shopping and entertainment center Demir in Uzbekistan.

In 2010, the oligarch already arranged a luxurious wedding in Moscow. Then he married his son. Shokirov Jr. married the daughter of Uzbekistan’s Deputy Prime Minister Rustam Azimov. Then the bride was in a dress from the Arab designer Walid Attalah worth $ 2 million.

About how Russian oligarchs rest, recently sang Robbie Williams in the song Party Like A Russian (“Have fun like a Russian”).

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