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Substantial savings: when is it most advantageous to book flights

All travelers want to save on air travel, so there are many tips on the Internet about when to buy tickets so that they are cheaper than usual. Based on research online edition Money collected the most useful tips to help you save on airfare.

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The study was conducted on the basis of a series of data (about 20 million requests over 4 months) - and as a result, a list of days and times of day was compiled when plane tickets were the most expensive and cheapest.

The most advantageous time for booking tickets is Tuesday around midnight.

Travelers who are looking for flights on Tuesday at midnight, save about 6% on their tickets, which makes it the cheapest time of the week for booking.

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In general, flights were slightly cheaper at midnight early in the week (Monday through Wednesday). However, this only applies to about 1,6% of US air carriers. By the end of the week, tickets at midnight become more expensive, which means that the advice to book tickets at midnight any day is not very reliable.

Friday around 03:00 - the most “expensive” time for booking

The most “expensive” time for booking plane tickets was Friday (around 03:00). On Fridays, buyers pay about 3% more. This price change is likely due to the way airlines manage their sales, often from the start of the work week to the weekend. Thus, prices may jump a little by the start of the weekend. This means that it is advisable to avoid booking tickets late at night at the end of the week.

In fact, there is no single universal option when it comes to the most advantageous time for booking, since there are many factors affecting the price: the management of airline profitability, air ticket sales, demand, etc.

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While some flights seem to be constantly increasing in price at the same time every day, prices for other routes remain stable throughout the day or week.

So what is important when booking air tickets?

First, the day. The cheapest day to book a flight is Thursday for domestic and international flights. But in reality, the savings are not that great - around $ 10 for typical domestic routes and around $ 25 for international markets. Like the time of day, each route is different, and contrary to popular belief, again, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that works in all cases.

Therefore, the days on which the flight leaves are perhaps more important. The cheapest departure day on average is Wednesday, and the most expensive is Sunday. The same applies to the day the plane returns: the best day to return from a domestic trip is Tuesday, and the best day to return from an international trip is Wednesday. Average savings these days will be $ 85 (domestically) and $ 120 (overseas).

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Is it worth it?

There are so many conflicting travel and ticket tips. Therefore, it is up to the traveler himself to decide whether to be so careful about booking tickets and spending time waiting for a cheaper option.

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