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An alternative to the stun gun: the police in the United States supplied with superhero gadgets

Several US police departments are using a new device called Bolowrap in test mode - it could replace the stun gun that policemen are using now. Writes about this RTVi.

Photo: screenshot of Twitter / Wrap Technologies @WrapTechInc

Bolowrap is a device similar in size to the usual taser, which when pressed releases the cord from kevlara 2,5 long m

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The cord “wraps around” the alleged intruder and immobilizes him. One of the police officers who tested the device assured that he did not feel any pain.

Bolowrap runs at a distance from 3 to 7,6 m. The cord flies out of the device at a speed of 200 meters per hour. The media compare the gadget with the web of Spider-Man, but Batman, for example, had something similar.

The creator of the device, Wrap Technologies, positions it as a safe alternative to the taser. According to statistics, over all the years the US police used the stun gun, the device caused 1,1 thousands of deaths among the detainees (of which 49 deaths occurred in the 2018 year). However, among the founders of Wrap Technologies there are those who worked on tasers.

The company also conducted test shows for police officers in Australia and New Zealand.

Critics of the new methods for detaining suspects believe that authorities should not finance them, but develop ways to avoid forced detention, notes Guardian.

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