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Super-distributors: how restaurants, hotels and cafes contribute to coronavirus infection

Scientists are exploring the potential for renewal of COVID-19 and how super-proliferators can facilitate the transmission of coronavirus while states relax quarantine restrictions. Writes about it Fox Business.

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Researchers identified sedentary restaurants, fast food cafes, and hotels as the three so-called coronavirus super-proliferators. Such findings are based on the frequency and duration of visits, as well as on the square feet of the enterprises, but these data have not yet been confirmed by expert judgment.

Examining the relationship between the density of these super-distributors and the cumulative number of new cases of COVID-19 every week, the researchers found that in places where the density of such establishments is higher, infections are much greater. An increase in density of 1% led to an increase in cases of coronavirus infection by 5%.

“This can have significant consequences when the states reopen,” the document says.

Each of the states of America is at different stages of quarantine exit. Even when businesses reopen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends following precautions: wear face masks, maintain social distance, treat your hands and surfaces with a sanitizer, because people can tolerate coronavirus without even having COVID-19 symptoms.

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The study examined six states of New England, as well as severely affected New York and California. The authors said they plan to expand the study to all 50 states.

As of Wednesday, May 27, in the United States, more than 19 million people fell ill with COVID-1,6, and more than 100 died. New York remains the worst hit state in both cases.

Researchers are striving to create a tool that will help policy makers and hospital officials monitor weekly traffic for superpreparants to help “predict the potential second wave.”

They also plan to study how the re-opening of these super-distributors will affect COVID-19 transmission.

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