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The stewardesses did not let the passenger into the toilet for the whole flight: she had to walk by herself

An Air Canada passenger complained about the flight attendants who did not allow her to use the restroom, which caused the woman to go to the toilet for herself.

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An 26-year-old Irish tourist traveled from Bogota (Colombia) to Dublin with a change in Toronto. Her flight from Colombia to Canada was delayed for two hours after the passengers had already boarded, writes report with reference to The Sun.

According to the girl, she several times approached the flight attendants with a request to let her go to the toilet, but they refused her.

“In two hours, I went four times to the cabin crew and asked them if I could use the restroom. I told them that this is an emergency and I can’t stand it, but I was strictly forbidden to use the toilet, ”the Irish recalled.

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In the end, the girl could not restrain herself, and until the end of the flight she had to sit on a wet seat. According to The Sun, in such a terrible situation, she spent 7 hours.

“I was completely humiliated and very upset, but the cabin crew ignored me until the end of the flight. When I left the liner, I tried to find at least one flight attendant, but they cowardly hid in the tail of the plane, ”the tourist explained.

Once at home, the traveler complained about the airline, after which the carrier gave her a 500 voucher for the next Air Canada flights.

In December 2018, a British Airways passenger complained about the company after flying an eight-hour flight outside an armchair filled with other people's urine. The incident occurred on board an airplane en route from London to Boston. Crew members transplanted 69-year-old Ann Frett and her daughter to another part of the aircraft.

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