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At the Institute of Georgia, a robot taught for half a year, and none of the students noticed this.

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Teacher Jill Watson helped students at the Georgia Institute of Technology work on program design projects for about five months. The nuance is that Jill is a robot, an artificial intelligence system based on IBM Watson, but none of the students, discussing work with a teacher, during all this time did not suspect anything. And some of the students before this discovery were even going to call her "an outstanding teacher." These were students from an artificial intelligence class, пишет Internet portal AIN.

Story Jill says The Wall Street Journal. Since January of this year, “Jill” as an assistant teacher, along with 9 faculty-people, helped 300 students develop programs that help computers solve a specific type of problem, for example, how to choose a picture so that the sequence of pictures is logical.

Jill helped students on the forum, where they handed over and discussed the work, used in her speech slang and colloquial turns like "Yeah," and, by and large, behaved like an ordinary human teacher.

“She was supposed to remind us of the deadline dates and with the help of questions to warm up the discussion of works. It was like a normal conversation with an ordinary person, ”said university student Jennifer Gevin.

Another student, Shreyas Vidyarti, imagined Jill as a friendly white woman a little older than 20, working most likely on her doctorate. “I was struck with thunder,” the student shares his impressions.

It got to the point that even the student Barrick Reid, who worked for IBM for two years, did not recognize the robot in Miss Watson, having created some of the programs with the help of which the robot itself operates. But he could not make out the hint in the name “Watson”. “I should have guessed, but no,” he says.

Why was Jill included in the training program?

The problem is that students ask too many questions - the order of 10 000 messages per semester, explains Ashok Goel, a professor of computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Teachers-people with the shaft of the questions do not always cope. It was Ashok who decided to introduce the robot into a training program for his class in the study of artificial intelligence.

The high school team worked on the robot, teaching it to answer questions, taking into account previous answers. Don't confuse Jill with regular chatbots. If most chatbot are newbies, then Jill is an expert, she doesn’t answer the question until she reaches 67% confidence in the answer, says Goel. According to him, Jill is still far from Ava from Ex Machina, but this is also an exciting experience.

According to the professors, in just one year Jill will learn so much that he can answer 40% of questions from students, leaving people with the right to deal with more serious technical or philosophical problems.

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