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The shooter from San Bernardino mentioned Ukraine and Israel

Nicholas Thalassinos, one of those killed in the bloody massacre perpetrated by Islamists in the city of San Bernardino, California, a few days before the murder, he joined the tragedy Said Rizuan Farouk in a theological dispute. Thalassinos, a Jewish practicing messianism, refused to recognize Islam as a peaceful religion, to which Farouk objected: Americans do not understand the essence of Muslim faith.

The news agency of Azerbaijan wrote about this last weekend with reference to the social networks where this dispute took place.

Daily News reports citing a source surrounded by a terrorist: Farouk also claimed that Israel is not the birthplace of the Jews, and they have nothing to do with it.

He asserted with absolute confidence that in a couple of years there would be no Israel, because the main world powers - the United States, Russia and China - did not want it. And the Jews from there will move to Ukraine.

Note that Messianic Judaism is a religious trend whose followers believe that Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) is the Jewish Messiah and Savior of all mankind, whose arrival was promised by the prophets of Tanach.

Thalassinos, according to his friends, wore the traditional clothing of a Jewish believer, and his Facebook page is filled with "posts" in support of Israel and criticism of Islam and US President Barack Obama.

On the eve of the terrorist organization "Islamic State" took responsibility for act of terrorism in San Bernardino, which killed 14 people. A radio station affiliated with the Islamic State said the terrorist attack was carried out by the group's militants.

The FBI qualified this massacre as a terrorist attack inspired by radical Islamist ideology, but has not yet confirmed information about the direct involvement of the Islamic State or another group in organizing this attack.

Earlier it was reported that Tashfin Malik, who, together with her husband Said Farouk, committed the attack, a few minutes before the attack (according to other sources, during the attack) опубликовала statement of loyalty to the leader of the "Islamic State" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

In addition, the American authorities noted that Said Farouk maintained contacts with two branches of al-Qaeda - the Syrian group Jabhat al-Nusra and the Somali Al-Shabab.

"Forum" prepared An infographic comparing some of the causes of death for Americans in 2001 - 2013.

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