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Fears of immigration: 8 stereotypes that prevent you from moving to another country

“It seems that moving abroad is a pipe dream, accessible only to the rich and successful. But stereotypical fears often interfere with emigration. No money or don't know the language? Your problems are not unique, and a solution has already been invented for them. To continue to be afraid or to leave the comfort zone is up to you to decide? ” - the author writes the club "Immigrant Club" on "Yandex.Zen".

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Next - from the first person.

The language barrier. Moving without knowing the local language is a risky move. Renting an apartment, finding a job and even going to the store is simply impossible without minimal knowledge. But if you still do not know a foreign language, then this is a problem of time and desire. To begin with, it will be enough to sign up for language courses, watch movies in the original and communicate with foreigners in social networks. Focus on practicality. Think in what situations you need a language, imagine dialogues with a colleague, seller, landlord or friend. And most importantly, constantly apply the knowledge gained.

Fear of a different culture. Watching life in the country on the Internet or coming as a tourist, people see only the “tip of the iceberg” - national cuisine, costumes, music, dancing. Culture includes moral standards, an approach to solving problems, and relationships in society. It may seem to you that this fear is not justified and you should not worry about it. But after living for several weeks in a new environment, you can survive the cultural shock. Therefore, it is very important to mentally prepare for life in another country: watch video of bloggers, chat on forums with compatriots-immigrants and read the history of moving. People who have gone through the path of immigration can help avoid mistakes and talk about the realities of life.

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Money issue. Without money, really, nowhere. Even with an education grant or an employment contract, investments will be required. But what if all the costs of moving will pay off with the first salary or you will receive a diploma that will open many doors? We need to weigh whether the costs will be justified. Include in the budget all the little things from translating documents to paying for parking. Once you determine the amount, calculate how much time you need to earn to move.

Lack of work. Finding an employer for a foreigner is really difficult. After all, it is much more profitable to take a local one who does not need to draw up extra documents. But good specialists are needed everywhere, so do not despair. And some companies are generally looking for Russian speakers. See how your profession is in demand, what are the requirements for candidates and how much you can really earn. Do not forget that it is never too late to learn and for the sake of moving you can learn a new specialty.

Fear of loneliness. Well, when the whole family moves, but what should one person do? Evenings are all alone, lack of communication, and friendship with foreigners does not work out - all this is causing depression. The solution is to try to live in another city without relatives and friends. Another option is to communicate with compatriots. Believe me, there are many Russian speakers abroad who are also looking for a company.

The difficult process of paperwork. A residence permit is not at all easy to apply for - you need a good reason and a huge package of papers. And if one document is missing, then the issue will be refused. As a result, time and money were lost. But in reality, it’s not as scary as they describe, and they just do not refuse anyone. Not sure where to start? Write to the embassy, ​​they will advise and give a list of documents for free.

Age. If you think that immigrating too late or too early, then you are mistaken. No country imposes age restrictions, which means everyone has a chance. Just graduated from high school? Why not enter a foreign university. Already retired? The summer cottage can be exchanged for a small house in Bulgaria or Croatia.

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Fear of xenophobia. Of course, to feel like a stranger in the country is not very nice. Especially when local residents are negatively opposed to foreigners. Firstly, do not be afraid of slanting looks. Unless you move to Africa, a local is unlikely to understand that you are a foreigner in appearance. Secondly, intolerant people can be found in any country.

You can start preparing for your move today. Until you begin to act, your dreams will remain only dreams, and your fears will remain with you.

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