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A terrible storm moves to the west of the USA: floods and tornadoes await Americans

States in the western United States are on standby before the storm. The storm, previously raging in the south of the country, is now moving west. Writes about this ABC News.

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Part of the same cold front that brought severe weather on the weekend, January 11-12, concentrated in the south. In South Carolina, there was a tornado with a wind speed of 90 mph (144,8 km / h).

Also, this storm caused a flash flood in the south of the country, and 6 states from Louisiana to Georgia are in a state of flood preparedness.

Precipitation up to 14 inches (4 cm) is possible on January 10,16, and floods are expected by the end of the day.

In the West, there is heavy wet snow, which causes riots on the roads around Seattle (Washington) with accidents and road closures at night.

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On Wednesday and Thursday, January 15 and 16, the storm will move to the west coast, and heavy snow and heavy rain await Southern California.


By Friday, January 17, the storm will move to Heartland (Minnesota), where heavy snow is expected.


By the weekend, January 18-19, the storm will move to the east coast, where snow and heavy rain are expected in South Carolina.

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • From January 10 to 12, strong winds and tornadoes threatened the well-being of more than 30 million Americans. A fast-moving storm that swept over parts of the Gulf of Mexico and the southeastern United States was at least the culprit 12 deaths.
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