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Newsom's recall from the post of the head of California looks more and more real: there are already more than 1,7 million signatures

The California governor's recall is becoming more real. Verification of signatures continues, but there is a possibility that a sufficient number of signatures have already been collected to bring this issue to a vote, writes Fox News.

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Randy Economie, a senior adviser to the campaign to remove Gavin Newsom from his post as head of California, says he is "pretty damn sure" that the issue of removing the governor will be on the ballot papers this summer.

“I think we have achieved our goal. We're delighted, ”said Economy. - In fact, we have collected more than 1 signatures, this is a net amount. It takes a little time to go through the verification process of these signatures in 720 different counties. The registrars will verify the signatures. The last person to count them will be the secretary of state, but I'm pretty damn sure we'll put this on the ballot papers this summer. "

The latest report of the Secretary of State available on this subject shows that signature verification is rather slow. The signatures that the campaign organizers have collected as of February 5 are now being verified, but they have not yet started new ones. Of the nearly 5 million signatures collected by the district as of February 1,1, only 798 have been verified. The report shows that of the 798 signatures verified, almost 310% (84) were found to be valid.

Political experts in California say this is a very high percentage. In their opinion, at the moment there is every reason to believe that the question of recalling Newsom will reach the ballots. According to the California constitution, leaders of the recall campaign must collect 1 valid signatures by March 495. This number is equivalent to 709% of the votes cast in the last governor's election. According to Economi, there are now 17 unverified signatures. It is possible that there are already enough of them to eventually get 12 approved signatures, and the team of proponents of the revocation has three more weeks to attract even more signers.

Who supports the review and why

The initiative enjoys the support of “all walks of life,” including the 300 Democrats who have already signed the petition, in addition to Republicans and independent voters.

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“When he closed the world's fifth largest economy, opened prisons, released prisoners, but locked us - 45 million people in the state - it became a real problem, and we realized that we had reached the limit,” said Economi.

He explained that the recall gained traction after Newsom's trip to French Laundry last year, where he allegedly violated state restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is hypocrisy and his failed leadership as governor,” Economi described the reasons for the recall.

What's next

If the required number of varied signatures is collected in time, then the governor's revocation will be voted on by residents of California. However, it is unclear in what month the measure will end up on the ballot because there are a number of bureaucratic steps that must be taken at various levels of regional government before the lieutenant governor of the state can officially announce the recall vote.

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As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • California residents demand to recall the governor... Supporters of the withdrawal hope to collect 2 million signatures by March 17 to vote on the issue, although only 1,5 million are needed to hold elections in the middle of the year.
  • During a press conference at the Fresno City Fair on February 10, the Governor of California was repeatedly interrupted by chanting "Withdraw Newsom!" How Newsom went from the favorite of millions to the hated governor - read in our material.

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