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Is it worth starting a trucking business in the USA, because there are many companies in this industry

Hello! Timur Mirzaev is with you again and we will again talk about the truck business in America. In 2013, I moved to the USA from Uzbekistan and opened my own business here. Now - after almost 10 years of work - I own several large transportation companies in the United States and actively share my experience in Instagram. Subscribe!

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In 2021 in the USA there were almost 1,9 million trucking companies different sizes and forms of ownership. They daily transport about 50 million tons of cargo worth more than $53 billion. 8,9 million people (company offices, warehouses, truckers) are employed in this industry, of which almost 3,5 million are drivers.

When you look at the trucking industry in America from the outside, it seems that so many companies are opening here that you wonder: is there really enough room for everyone. And when you sit inside, you see that this industry is like an ocean, and truck companies are small boats. That is, there are so few of them for such a gigantic industry that we do not even consider ourselves competitors, we do not even see each other on the horizon. There is enough space for everyone.

The problem of the truck industry in the US is not an overabundance, but a shortage

Now trucking companies are facing two main problems - a shortage of labor and rising fuel prices. Due to the fact that the industry has been growing for a long time and rapidly, the shortage of labor is a constant headache for truck companies. Unlike how it may look from the outside, we are not competing for loads that are enough for everyone, but for drivers. Therefore, salaries in trucking are high, and drivers are provided with additional bonuses and benefits. For example, in my company Energy trucking we do not skimp on wages and regularly reward the best drivers. If you want to get a job as a trucker in America and join the Energy Trucking team, go to here to register:.

Therefore, if you are faced with the question of whether or not to open a trucking company in America, and you are afraid that you may not be able to withstand competition for cargo, then there is only one answer - to open!

On the subject: Trucker work in the USA: how long do you need to study, how to find your company and where they pay more

Next, we will look at how an immigrant can open a trucking business in the US and deal with high fuel prices, which, if not approached, can hit the budget hard and can unsettle newcomers.

How to open a truck company in America: two ways
Method one: step by step

If you have just moved to the USA and cannot boast of great experience in the field of cargo transportation and a large amount in your account, then you should start by getting to know the industry. The best way to do this is to become a driver yourself and see everything from the inside.

To do this, you need to go to study and get a CDL (license to drive commercial vehicles), after which you can get a job as a truck driver (for example, to us in Energy trucking). Initially, the company will hire you as a student, that is, they will first conduct a training, check all your documents, and test you. And then, when you gain some experience, you will move to the status Company Driver The company will give you a truck and you will drive it yourself.

After working for a Company Driver for some time, gaining experience and accumulating some money, you can proceed to the next stage - Lease Owner. Such a driver himself pays all the expenses of the truck: rent, insurance, fuel - that is, all direct costs related to the truck. And he also pays 10-15% of the company's commission for finding cargo.

After a while, the driver buys his own truck and becomes Owner Operator. The bottom line is that you choose the company you want to cooperate with on your own track. The company gives you the cargo, you pay it a percentage of the cost of the cargo, and that's all - you cover all other expenses yourself.

There are currently approximately 3,5 million truck drivers in the US, and most of them are owner-operators. This is the last step on the way to owning a company. As soon as you buy a second truck and put a driver on it, you become the owner of a trucking company (albeit a small one for now).

You can read more about each of these steps towards opening your own truck company in America. here.

In fact, the truck and the driver are not enough for the normal functioning of the company. We need a lot more departments: dispatching, security, accounting, update, ELD, marketing, fleet. You can learn more about each of the departments in the video below ⇓

Method two: buy a trucking company in the USA on a turnkey basis

If you have start-up capital (about 200 thousand dollars) and you do not want to delve into the cargo transportation system from the very beginning, then the process of opening a trucking company in the USA can be accelerated.

Together with the team Truckstaff Solutions we sell turnkey trucking business to clients, train and advise the manager and the entire team, and accompany them during the first two to three months of work.

The first step is registration for you or your authorized representative of a trucking company that has been operating in the US for 5-6 years. The fact is that new companies in America are not very trusted and it is more difficult for them to find customers.

In the trucking business, the age of a company matters. First, long-established companies buy insurance policies at lower prices; they are seen as an experienced company, so they have access to all existing customers in the market; there is also no threat that an audit will come from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Administration). Such audits come to new companies after the first six months of operation, but if the company has been on the market for a long time, then it does not threaten it.

After you have been registered with an active multi-year company, Truckstaff Solutions selects insurance for her with limits that will allow her to build up her fleet and develop over time.

Next, they will issue the necessary licenses, permits and all documentation for your company that meets the requirements of the state in which you will work, and they will find trucks for your company.

To begin with, the company leases 5 trucks, 5 trailers and hires 5 experienced drivers. But Truckstaff Solutions is ready to meet the wishes of the owner of the company and adapt the fleet to his vision of business development.

The final stage is the organization of the office and staff training. Truckstaff Solutions will be engaged in renting office space for you, purchasing equipment and useful devices for trucks, as well as connecting TMS (this is like CRM, but only for the truck business), e-mail, phone numbers.

In addition, Truckstaff Solutions will recruit experienced employees or train those lacking experience.

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Throughout this process, experts Truckstaff Solutions teach the business owner all the intricacies of work. The company is interested in his good response and success, as this is its reputation. Therefore, he will not be released into free swimming until they are sure that he knows exactly what to do next.

You can read more about how to buy a turnkey truck business in the USA here.

What to do with expensive fuel

Recently, fuel cards have become a must-have product in the arsenal of many transport companies. Within our company city ​​fuel we provide such cards and help truck businesses earn money by refueling their trucks. Now we have about 2000 of our fuel cards in operation. With us, customers save up to 70 cents per gallon of fuel at all major gas stations. We also provide loans to our customers, which means that you will not need to top up your card - the funds will already be credited to it. First you use, then you pay.

Let's see how the fuel card works and how you can save money with it.

A truck consumes about 100-6 gallons of diesel per 7 miles. Now the cost of fuel is on average 4-5 dollars per gallon, and if you count, then one truck can spend 2-3 thousand dollars a week just for diesel.

The fuel card looks like a regular bank card. The truck driver can pay with it only at gas stations. This is a very good way to control fuel costs and at the same time be sure that drivers do not spend company money left and right.

Track expenses on the card city ​​fuel can be online. You will see where and when the driver refueled, what fuel and how many gallons he bought. In addition, it is possible to set restrictions, for example, you can allow drivers to buy fuel only at a certain network of gas stations or at certain times of the day, you can also limit the number of gallons per filling. You can block or unblock your card at any time. Also, drivers at each refueling using the card city ​​fuel receive cashback, rebait or discount. Let's say a driver pulls into a gas station and fills up 100 gallons of fuel, getting a 50-cent discount per gallon. This can save you hundreds of dollars a week.

It is noteworthy that American gas stations almost do not earn on the sale of fuel. Most of their income comes from other sources. If you are interested in knowing which ones, as well as getting more information about fuel cards, then watch the video below ⇓

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