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2021 safest cities in the United States in XNUMX

These cities have a reason to be happy. The overall violent crime rate in these locations is 92% lower than the national average. As for property crimes, there are 79% fewer crimes per 1000 people than in most cities in the United States. More details about the safe cities of the States told the publication Safe wise.

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Here are the 10 safest cities in the US in 2021

Hopkinton, Massachusetts:

  • Population: 18 585
  • Income: $ 95 735
  • Violent Crimes: 0
  • Property crimes: 1,61

Franklin, Massachusetts:

  • Population: 33 149
  • Income: $ 101 980
  • Violent Crimes: 0,06
  • Property crimes: 1,24

Buckingham Township, PA:

  • Population: 20 279
  • Income: $ 119 620
  • Violent Crimes: 0
  • Property crimes: 2,71

Oakland, Michigan:

  • Population: 19 649
  • Income: $ 118 969
  • Violent Crimes: 0,10
  • Property crimes: 1,93

Bernards Township, NJ:

  • Population: 27 228
  • Income: $ 126 667
  • Violent Crimes: 0
  • Property crimes: 3,05

Ridgefield, Connecticut:

  • Population: 20 050
  • Income: $ 130 091
  • Violent Crimes: 0,04
  • Property crimes: 2,87

New Castle Town, New York:

  • Population: 17 896
  • Income: $ 186 493
  • Violent Crimes: 0,06
  • Property crimes: 2,96

Sparta Township, New York:

  • Population: 18 532
  • Income: $ 126 090
  • Violent Crimes: 0,22
  • Property crimes: 1,67

Hamburg Township, Michigan:

  • Population: 21 755
  • Income: $ 71 209
  • Violent Crimes: 0,23
  • Property crimes: 1,75

Bedford Town, New York:

  • Population: 17 791
  • Income: $ 119 069
  • Violent Crimes: 0,06
  • Property crimes: 3,20

A complete list of one hundred cities can be found at link.

Crime trends in the safest cities in the United States

These cities reported the fewest crimes per capita, but overall violent crimes remained stagnant and property crimes increased slightly year over year. This hints at a possible jump in crime rates across the country for the first time in more than two decades.

Over the past three years, the number of violent crime among the safest cities has increased by 25%, but there is no cause for concern. This increase continues to be less than one violent crime per 1000 people.

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Property crime continues to fall in the US and among the safest cities.

Since 2019, property crimes have fallen nearly 18% in America's safest cities—that's seven points more than property crimes have dropped nationwide.

What safest cities have in common and how they differ

It seems that the safest cities in the United States of America are significantly smaller than the average city in the United States. But about 76% of all incorporated settlements in the country have less than 5000 inhabitants, and only 4% have more than 50 inhabitants.

More than 90% of the cities on the list are located right in the metropolitan-area of ​​large cities.

Here's what they have in common:

  • The suburbs are considered the safest. 91 of the 100 safest cities are within 50 miles (80 km) of a major metropolis, with 65 of them located in the northeastern United States.
  • New York City dominates with 39 of the safest cities within 50 miles. Boston is the second safest suburb with 19.
  • The next safest suburbs are Philadelphia and Chicago, ranked 9th and 7th respectively.
  • Rexburg, Idaho, is one of the least suburban cities, being more than 200 miles (321 km) from the nearest large city.
  • The average population of the 100 safest cities is 28, nearly three times the national average (719) of all US settlements.
  • Only 4 cities on the list are home to over 50 people: Middletown Township (New Jersey); Sammamish (Washington); Palatine (Illinois) and Weston (Florida).
  • Scarsdale Village (New York) has the smallest population on the list (17 people) and the highest household income at more than $954 per year.
  • Weston (Florida) is the largest city on the list with nearly 72 inhabitants.

Reliable resources reduce the number of crime reports:

  • The median income among the 100 safest cities is $ 106, nearly 298% higher than the median household income ($ 55) in the United States.
  • Only 2 cities on the list report average household incomes below $ 50 per year: Rexburg, Idaho, with $ 000, and Manchester Township, New Jersey, with $ 29.
  • Only 2 cities on the list have median household incomes above $ 200 per year: University Park (Texas) and Scarsdale Village (New York).

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Which states and regions have the safest cities

  • New England and the Mid-Atlantic regions make up 68% of all cities on the list.
  • For the third year in a row, New Jersey boasts the 29 safest cities.
  • Massachusetts ranks second on the list with 17 cities (2 more than the state last year).
  • Massachusetts also claims to be the top 2 cities this year, with Hopkinton reclaiming the title of safest city in the country after falling to # 2 last year.
  • The West-North-Central region, which includes Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, is the only region not included in the list of the 100 safest cities in the United States.
  • In the western United States, there are only 7 of the safest cities in the country, 4 of which are led by Texas. He is followed one at a time in Idaho, Utah and Washington.

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