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Переклад цього матеріалу українською мовою з російської було автоматично здійснено сервісом Google Translate, без подальшого редагування тексту.
Bu məqalə Google Translate servisi vasitəsi ilə avtomatik olaraq rus dilindən azərbaycan dilinə tərcümə olunmuşdur. Bundan sonra mətn redaktə edilməmişdir.

The dates for filing applications for the DV-2024 green card lottery have become known

US Embassy Freetown (Sierra Leone) announced that the registration period for the green card lottery (Diversity Visa Program - DV-2024) will run from October 5 to November 8, 2022.

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This program allows individuals from countries with low US immigration who meet eligibility requirements to win a US immigrant visa. Every year, 50 green cards are raffled off under the Diversity Visa Program.

The message from the US Embassy in Sierra Leone is the only news about the deadlines for registering for the DV-2024 lottery. Official lottery page on the State Department website does not contain this information yet. However, this is not the first time that information about registration deadlines appears on the pages of embassies earlier than on the State Department website. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt these data.

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How to Register for the Green Card Lottery DV-2024

Registration will take place from October 5 to November 8 ONLY on the official website of the lottery - Registration process absolutely free, the application can be filled by a person with a minimum knowledge of English. Remember, some scam sites may pose as green card lottery sites to steal your personal details or money. Be sure to check the site where you fill out the questionnaire.

Detailed instructions on how to fill out a green card application can be viewed here.

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We also remind you that this year filling out the questionnaire will not need to enter passport data. This innovation of the administration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, was canceled by his successor Joe Biden.

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