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US wants to create a tribunal to investigate Russian crimes in Ukraine

The US State Department has supported the creation of a “hybrid ad hoc tribunal” to investigate the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine, reports “RBCUkraine".

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This was stated by the Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice of the State Department, Beth van Skaak.

“Now, at this critical moment in history, I can announce that we support the creation of a special tribunal to prosecute the crime of aggression against Ukraine. There were many different models that were considered. The United States considered in detail all the pros and cons of each of them and came to the conclusion that the most effective way to ensure accountability for crimes of aggression involves the creation of an internationalized court within the Ukrainian judicial system,” she said.

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Van Skaak noted that this would include subject matter jurisdiction over international crimes, the involvement of international staff, possibly through the integration of professionals, judges, prosecutors, investigators, lawyers, or by providing expert assistance at the request of Ukraine.

According to her, efforts may include international elements in how exactly the court will support Ukraine and where it will be located.

“For example, it could potentially be somewhere in Europe, at least during the war, this will further strengthen the European orientation of Ukraine, the international legitimacy of the institution and will be important for it,” the ambassador said.

Van Skaak noted that such a court could contribute to greater international support. Moreover, this will not require a resolution of the General Assembly on the creation of a new independent international institution, the formation of which requires time and resources.

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According to her, the United States is ready to cooperate with Ukraine and other states, provide resources, exchange data with the Tribunal to achieve comprehensive accountability for international crimes.

At the same time, van Skaak noted that so far no consensus has been reached on the creation of such a hybrid model of an international tribunal.

“There are two models that are being considered - a Ukrainian tribunal, which will have an international character and will have a lot of international support, and another option that the UN General Assembly can create. Ukraine is considering both options. There was an opinion about the advantage of a more isolated international institution, but there are fears that it may not be possible to collect the necessary votes in the General Assembly to create such an institution,” she added.

It should be noted that Andrey Yermak, head of the President’s Office, opposed the creation of a “hybrid tribunal”, because he does not guarantee the removal of immunity from Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

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Recall, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andrey Kostin called for the trial of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin within the framework of the tribunal in absentia.

Earlier, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin. Now more than 120 countries that are signatories of the Rome Charter must arrest the dictator if he appears on the territory of their countries.

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