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US imposes sanctions against Russian institutions: what does Navalny have to do with it

The United States Department of Commerce reported that Washington has good reason to consider the research institutes (SRI) of the Russian Defense Ministry involved in the development of chemical and biological weapons. Writes about it RBC.

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The US Bureau of Industrial and Security Affairs announced the blacklisting of several Russian research institutes (SRIs). The activities of these organizations are reported to be considered contrary to the national security or foreign policy interests of the United States.

So, on August 27, three research organizations from the Russian Federation will be included in the Entity List. These include:

  • The 33rd Central Testing Research Institute of the Russian Defense Ministry in the Saratov Region;
  • 48th Central Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense (Sergiev Posad), as well as its branches located in Kirov and Yekaterinburg;
  • Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) "State Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology" (GosNIIOKhT).

The decision to add these enterprises to the “black” list was approved by a committee consisting of representatives of the Department of Commerce, the State Department, the Pentagon, the Department of Energy and the US Treasury Department.

Official documents say that the 33rd Central Research Institute and GosNIIOKhT are associated with the Russian program for the creation and testing of chemical weapons. At the same time, the 48th Central Research Institute and all its branches are responsible for the biological weapons program.

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Some experts believe that such a sharp activation of the US authorities to prevent the creation and proliferation of chemical and biological weapons is associated with poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny with cholinesterase inhibitors... The victim was taken to the Berlin Charite clinic from Omsk for treatment. Russian doctors did not find traces of the poisoning, but in Germany the version with the poisoning was confirmed. The politician is in an artificial coma.

Read about what cholinesterase inhibitors are, how they affect the human body, and why the Omsk doctors did not reveal the poison in our material.

Officially, in 2017, representatives of the Russian Federation announced the completion of the program for the destruction of chemical weapons. However, the United States Department of State believes that the Kremlin is running an undeclared chemical weapons program and has stockpiles of toxic agents.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in 2018 that Russia had stopped developing new types of chemical weapons in full compliance with all international agreements.

“Any development in the field of new chemical warfare agents was curtailed by us immediately after joining the relevant convention, and last year, as you know, all stocks of all toxic agents were destroyed,” the Deputy Foreign Minister said at the time.

What restrictions await research institutes included in the “black” list?

Those companies that the US Department of Commerce has included in the Entity List are effectively denied legal access to American dual-use products and technologies. In the event that someone wants to sell goods of American origin to such an enterprise, the United States Department of Commerce will refuse a license to supply.

Thus, all American goods that are subject to US export control regulations (Export Administration Regulation) will not be supplied to companies from the “black” list.

According to the rules, re-export and transfer of goods to such companies already in other countries is also prohibited. This means that all businesses must comply with the rules of the “black” list, regardless of their nationality and the country of origin of the product, if the product is of American origin. Those companies that violate the rules will be subject to criminal liability.

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