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The United States imposed sanctions against Russia due to the death of Navalny: they affected more than 500 people and organizations

On February 23, on the eve of the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the United States imposed large-scale sanctions against the Russian Federation. They are directed against more than 500 people and organizations. Washington seeks to increase pressure on Moscow, reports Reuters.


The measures were aimed at the Mir payment system, Russian financial institutions, the military-industrial base of the Russian Federation, the area of ​​sanctions evasion, energy production, etc. Officials involved in the death of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny were also sanctioned.

This action, as stated in a statement by US President Joe Biden, is aimed at holding Russia accountable for a full-scale war and the death of Navalny. Washington is committed to continuing to support Ukraine even as it faces severe ammunition shortages and U.S. military aid has been held up for months in Congress.

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“They will ensure that Putin will pay an even higher price for his aggression abroad and repression at home,” Biden said of the sanctions.

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned 300 individuals and entities, the State Department sanctioned more than 250, and the Commerce Department added more than 90 companies to its entity list. That's a significant increase from last year, when the U.S. imposed sanctions on more than 200 individuals and entities and the Commerce Department imposed sanctions on 90 companies on the first anniversary of the war.

These US sanctions were imposed along with sanctions from member countries of the European Union and the UK.

Russia's $2,2 trillion export-oriented economy has proven more resilient to unprecedented sanctions than Moscow or the West expected.

The Biden administration has exhausted money previously approved for Ukraine, and a request for more funds languishes in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

“We should support Ukraine even as we weaken Russia's military machine. It is critical that Congress join our allies around the world in providing Ukraine with the means to defend itself and its freedom from Putin's barbaric attack,” said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Payment System

In a statement, the US Treasury Department said it imposed sanctions on the state-owned National Payment Card System, operator of the Mir payment system.

“The distribution of Mir cards by the Russian government allowed it to create a financial infrastructure. It helps Russia evade sanctions and restore broken ties with the international financial system,” the department said in a statement.

More than a dozen Russian banks, investment companies, venture funds, and fintech companies were also targeted by the sanctions, including Bank SPB, owned by SPB Exchange, the second largest stock exchange in Russia, specializing in trading foreign shares.

Energy of the future and the area of ​​​​bypassing sanctions

The United States, among other things, has targeted Russia's energy production and exports at the Arctic 2 LNG project in Siberia. In November, Washington imposed sanctions against a major organization involved in the development, operation and ownership of this massive project.

"Arctic LNG-2" is a project of the Novatek company for the extraction of natural gas and the production of liquefied natural gas on the Gydan Peninsula.

Today, February 23, the State Department imposed sanctions on the Russian shipbuilding company Zvezda. It is involved in the construction of up to 15 highly specialized LNG tankers intended for use in support of Arctic 2 LNG exports.

The Department of Finance plans to impose additional sanctions in connection with the $7 price limit established by the G60 countries for Russian oil. This will increase Russia's costs of using its aging "shadow fleet" of tankers to deliver oil to markets, mainly India and China.

The US sanctions included organizations based in China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Liechtenstein.

America has sanctioned them for evading Western restrictions on Russia, including sending items Moscow relies on for its weapons systems.

The moves come as Washington increasingly seeks to thwart Russian attempts to circumvent its measures. This step is also aimed at the network through which Russia, in cooperation with Iran, acquired drones.

Death of Navalny

On February 23, the State Department, among other things, imposed sanctions against three officials of the Russian Federal Penitentiary Service. He accused them of involvement in Navalny's death. The sanctions were imposed against the deputy director of the Federal Penitentiary Service, who reportedly instructed prison staff to subject Navalny to harsher treatment.

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US actions are also directed against individuals involved in the forced transfer or deportation of Ukrainian children to camps in Russia, Belarus and Crimea that promote indoctrination.

On February 22, Biden met with Navalny’s widow.

“Today I met with Yulia and Dasha Navalny, relatives of Alexei Navalny, to express my condolences for their bereavement,” he said.

At the meeting, the head of the White House emphasized that the courage of Alexei Navalny will live on in his wife Yulia, his daughter, as well as in countless people across Russia who fight for democracy and human rights.

After this meeting, the US President noted that it was clear from the widow that Navalnaya would “continue to fight.” Biden also promised to impose sanctions against Putin in connection with the death of Navalny, reports Ukrainian Truth.

“Tomorrow we will announce sanctions against Putin, who is responsible for his death,” the American president concluded.

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