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The United States topped the list of the most dangerous countries for traveling by plane

The network called the most dangerous for traveling by plane of the country. Thus, the rating was led by the United States, where from 1968 to 2018 the year there was an 10 air crash, in which 4200 people died.

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In second place was Spain. Here, for the same period, 7 disasters happened, which killed the 1367 people, writes Obozrevatel.

Countries with the most dangerous air traffic:

  • USA (10 major incident and 4200 death);
  • Spain (7 catastrophes and 1367 deaths);
  • Japan (3 crash and 946 dead);
  • Indonesia (5 disasters and 873 deaths);
  • Nigeria (5 catastrophes and 787 dead).

On the subject: Boeing 737 MAX found new security issues.

The most dangerous airlines in the world:

  • American Airlines (5 accidents and 2578 deaths);
  • Aeroflot (4 crashes and 718 dead);
  • China Airlines (3 crash and 692 death);
  • Pan American (3 crash and 758 dead);
  • Malaysia Airline (2 crash and 537 deaths).

As ForumDaily wrote earlier:

  • Despite the fact that the plane is considered the safest mode of transport, many people are afraid to fly and panic in any situation where, in their opinion, something goes wrong in flight. We collected a few facts that calm passengers and convince them of flight safety.
  • Fear of flights is called aerophobia, and this is a fairly common phenomenon in the modern world. The main reason for this phobia is the fear of getting into a plane crash. However, knowing how companies in this plan can be trusted, you can get rid of him in two accounts. Here is 16 rating of the world's coolest and safest airlines, based on their age, the number of aircraft crashes that occurred with their aircraft, and certain features that simplify the flight.
  • We regularly publish news about the strange and sometimes inexplicable actions of air passengers - the behavior of people at the airport or on board the aircraft can be completely unpredictable. A selection of recent incidents - confirmation that air travelers do not get tired to surprise fellow travelers, government officials and media readers.

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