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The US will increase the number of deportations to deter illegal border crossings

The US will increase the number of deportations, as well as expand legal routes for potential immigrants. Authorities are bracing for a possible spike in illegal border crossings when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in May. Writes about it Yahoo!.

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The US will double or triple the number of deportation flights to some countries and aim to process illegally crossing immigrants "in a matter of days," according to a fact sheet from the US State Department and the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

At the same time, the US will expand legal pathways for immigrants by encouraging them to apply for refugee resettlement or other forms of entry to two new processing centers in Guatemala and Colombia bypassing the US-Mexico border.

The United Nations-supported centers are aiming to process 5000 to 6000 migrants each month as the United States has pledged to take in more refugees from the Western Hemisphere. Canada and Spain have also said they will accept migrants through the centers, US officials said.

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The centers will process applications for family reunification, among other things. The program, already available to Cubans and Haitians, will now be expanded to citizens of Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. It allows some migrants with relatives in the US to enter and work legally while they are waiting to receive a visa to the States.

The combination of immigration enforcement measures and new legal ways to enter the country is part of US President Joe Biden's plan to combat a possible rise in illegal immigration when COVID-19 border restrictions in place since 2020 are expected to end on May 11.

Biden, a Democrat, has battled a record number of immigrants caught illegally crossing the US-Mexico border and has gradually tightened his approach to border security.

Republicans have said Biden has failed to curb transitions and they want to return to the tougher approach of his predecessor, President Donald Trump.

Biden, who is running for re-election in 2024, has tried to campaign cautiously. He angered some Democrats and immigration advocates by adopting more restrictive measures while promising a more humane approach than Trump.

“Our border is not open and will not be open after May 11,” said Alejandro Mallorcas, head of the Department of Homeland Security.

Biden's plan to lift COVID-19 restrictions, known as Section 42, will be finalized in the coming weeks and is reminiscent of Trump-era policies blocked by US courts. The ruling denies asylum to immigrants who have traveled through other countries without first seeking protection there, or who have not used legal US facilities to enter.

Reduction of transition of borders

The Biden administration says this combination of deterrence and legal options has previously worked to reduce the number of border crossings.

Earlier this year, after the US began rapidly deporting Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans back to Mexico under Section 42 restrictions, the number of migrants caught crossing the border from those countries dropped sharply.

Following the repeal of Section 42 in May, the US intends to continue sending these migrants to Mexico, according to plans.

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In January, Biden launched a program that allows 30 immigrants a month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela, with US sponsorship, to enter the country by air. These slots will remain open and immigrants will be able to apply for an appointment to approach the border through the CBP One online application.

Part of the plan is to increase the number of meetings available through the app, the Biden administration said. Immigrants say appointments fill up within minutes every day these days.

To discourage Cubans from trying to enter the US through dangerous sea lanes, DHS said that any Cubans caught trying to travel by sea would now be ineligible for the Humanitarian Parole Program.

The Biden administration has no plans to detain immigrant families, Mallorcas said, but could track them using GPS tracking devices or a program similar to house arrest.

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