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US Simplifies COVID-19 Nursing License Exam: How To Get This Demand

Due to the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, there is an acute shortage of medical professionals, in particular licensed nurses (RN - Registered Nurse). Their deficit in the medical labor market was observed even before the pandemic, but now it has increased.

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The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) did not close most of the testing centers for potential nurses to keep the influx of new professionals into medicine. However, the NCLEX test, which successfully qualifies for a nurse license, has been simplified.

“This is to ensure that social distancing measures are effective and to increase the number of candidates who can be tested on a daily basis,” the NCSBN website says. They clarified that no more than 10 people will now be present in the audience during the exam.

In connection with the innovations, the exams NCLEX-RN (licensed nurse) and NCLEX-PN (nurse practitioner) from March 25, 2020 to July 2020 will look as follows:

  • the minimum number of test items is 60 (before that there were 75 for RN and 85 for PN);
  • the maximum number of test tasks - 130 (was 265 for RN and 205 for PN);
  • the maximum testing time will be 4 hours (before that, the exam was allocated 6 hours for the RN and 5 for the PN);
  • Section Next Generation NCLEX Special Research Section temporarily removed from the test (previously it took about 30 minutes of test time);
  • level of complexity and assessment standards have not changed;
  • the use of computerized adaptive testing (CAT) continues.

Details about the innovations, as well as information on the record for passing the test can be found link.

Where you can quickly and for reasonable money prepare for the exam for a nurse license (NCLEX-RN)

You can adapt your medical knowledge to American requirements and effectively prepare for the exam for a nurse license at Institute of Career Continuity (ICC), especially since now in connection with the situation the company is offering discounts.

Combining the knowledge of the president of the company, which spent most of his career in medicine, and the head of training programs with over 35 years of experience in managing educational projects, Institute of Career Continuity created a unique approach to career planning, education and job support. This technique helps students achieve real and lasting changes in life.

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Preparation course NCLEX exam at ICC, you can now go online, spending your time in quarantine. It lasts only 4 weeks, if you devote full time to studying, but each student can receive knowledge in a mode convenient for him, drawing up his personal schedule of classes.

The course introduces students to strategies specifically designed for the NCLEX-RN comprehensive exam and includes an overview of most subjects covered by Associate's Degree Nursing College programs.

The course provides an overview of methods for providing safe and effective patient care, in particular, management of the treatment process, safety and infection control. It also covers the basic requirements for patient care, methods for promoting and maintaining health, pharmacological and parenteral therapy and physiological adaptation.

Also, Institute of Career Continuity He has developed more than 20 licensed programs in New York that provide students with knowledge in the field of clinical and administrative medicine for further obtaining certificates and work in different regions of the United States.

In addition to preparing for the NCLEX-RN exam, the company also offers courses in several popular medical specialties (some of them are available online during quarantine):

Material prepared in partnership with

Institute of Career Continuity

Address: 17 Battery Place, Suite 636
New York, NY, 10004
Tel: 212-335-0711

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