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The United States again broke the record for the number of coronavirus infected

The United States broke another anti-record for the number of people infected with coronavirus - more than 75 cases per day, writes Business Insider.

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On Thursday, July 16, the United States again broke the record for the number of new coronavirus infections in a single day - more than 75, according to the New York Times. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of new cases in a 000-hour period was 24 - which is also a high number.

According to the publication, some figures have not yet been announced. Less than a month ago, on June 24, 37 cases were recorded per day, but since then this figure has almost doubled, and the record was broken 014 times in the last month.

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As of the morning of July 16, the United States had 3,5 million infections - the highest rate of any country in the world. According to Johns Hopkins University, the death toll has exceeded 138.

10 states have reached the maximum death rate from coronavirus complications in one week. On Thursday, July 16, Florida set an anti-record of 156 deaths per day.

The Washington Post previously wrote that hospital capacity in several states (such as Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Alabama) has been hit hard by this rate of incidence. Alabama authorities said 87% of the beds in the state are already full.

Public health officials, including U.S. chief infectious disease specialist Dr. Anthony Fauci, have warned that if states do not take security measures in the region with an increasing incidence of disease, the country may soon face 100 new cases of coronavirus infection per day.

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“If we do not manage to tightly control the outbreak and the virus spreads to other regions of the country, then it is quite possible that we will have 100 new cases per day. Remember how our numbers went up from 000 cases per day to 20 and then to 000. I hate to see us hitting 40 per day, ”Fauci said.

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