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US plans to deport illegal migrants

The US Department of Homeland Security is preparing raids that provide for the deportation of hundreds of newly arrived immigrants.

It is reported The Washington Postreferring to sources familiar with the details of the operation.

According to the publication, the nationwide campaign of the US Immigration and Customs Police may begin as early as January 2016: adults and children are planning to “detain wherever they are found and be immediately deported”.

These actions will be directed against people who have arrived in the United States across the south-western border since the beginning of 2014, many of whom have fled from violence and institutional collapse in Central America. They will also detain people who are already ordered to leave the country, according to the decision of the court on immigration.

In this way, the US Department of Homeland Security plans to deport more than 100 thousands of families. According to the report available to the publication, this will be the first attempt at such a large-scale deportation.

It is noted that the operation is aimed only at adults and children, whom immigration judges have already ordered to leave the country. In addition, the operation has not yet received final approval from the Ministry of National Security.

As the “Forum” wrote, at the end of November 2015 Costa Rican government eased border controls with Panamato allow Cuban migrants to continue their journey to the United States.

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