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The USA and Denmark again quarrel over Greenland: Trump does not leave the desire to control the island

In 2020, the US plans to open a consulate in Greenland, the Arctic territory, whose population is 56. This writes "Voice of America".

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The United States also plans to provide the region with assistance in the amount of $ 12 million for the economic and educational development of the region. On Friday, April 24, said a senior US official.

«Помощь пойдет на развитие природных ресурсов, технологий в области энергетики, образования и туризма и другие инвестиции», – заявил американский чиновник.

Melting ice in the Arctic opens the way to the significant mineral resources of Greenland.

The territory also has an American military base, which is important for NATO and the United States in preventing missile attacks and for observing from space.

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«Нас также беспокоит милитаризация региона Россией», – сказал американский чиновник.

The Greenland leadership took the news positively. Greenland is an autonomous territory of Denmark. The US Department of State said such measures are being implemented after significant consultations with Denmark. Yet in Denmark, some politicians have criticized US plans for rapprochement with the territory.

«Они действительно пересекли границу, – сказала Карстен Хонг, политик правящей социалистической партии Дании. – Абсолютно неслыханно чтобы близкий союзник пытался создать таким образом преграды между Данией и Гренландией».

Soeren Jespersen from the nationalist Danish People’s Party said the package was like “something about a third world country ... but Greenland is not a country that is developing. This is Western democracy. ”

In August 2019, Denmark criticized a statement by U.S. President Donald Trump about a possible purchase of Greenland.

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