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Biden withdrew another 'Trump plan': it concerned the personal data of immigrants

The Department of Homeland Security on Friday, May 7, withdrew Trump-era plans to dramatically expand biometric data collection, including DNA samples that would be used for immigration purposes such as verifying family relationships. Writes about it CNN.

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The conclusion is "in line" with President Joe Biden's February decree on legal immigration, as well as the administration's efforts to lower barriers to the immigration system, the agency said in a statement.

Trump administration ruleproposed in September 2020 would remove age restrictions for collecting biometrics and give DHS the right to require biometrics for every application, petition, or related immigration request.

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It would also expand the use of DNA collection.

During the initial proposal, DHS senior spokesman Ken Cuccinelli said the collection of biometric information "protects against identity theft and discourages fraudsters who are not who they say they are."

Vera Eidelman, staff attorney for the ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project, praised this new step.

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"The Biden administration is right to withdraw this DHS proposal, which would greatly expand the government's collection of confidential biometric identifiers, regardless of any legitimate need," Eidelman said.

She also called for the repeal of the Trump-era rule requiring "forced collection of DNA from immigrant detainees."

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