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US may bans entry to unvaccinated travelers: when will it take effect

The administration of US President Joe Biden intends to require foreign travelers to be vaccinated. The plan is part of a new system that will go into effect after the current restrictions on entry into the country are lifted, but officials have yet to determine when this can be done. The edition told in more detail The New York Times.

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The Biden administration is developing plans requiring all foreign travelers to the United States to be vaccinated against COVID-19, with a few exceptions, according to an administration official familiar with the situation.

The plan will be part of a new system that will go into effect after the current restrictions on entry to the country are lifted, but officials have yet to determine when this can be done.

President Biden has been pressured for months to ease restrictions on people traveling to the United States, especially as other countries, including the UK and Canada, are relaxing their measures.

But White House officials have said in recent days that there is no plan to lift current restrictions anytime soon in light of the spread of the highly contagious delta strain.

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“Given where we are today with the Delta strain, we will maintain the existing travel restrictions at this stage,” said Jen Psaki, White House spokeswoman.

White House officials have confirmed this stance, saying there is no timetable yet for requiring foreign travelers to be vaccinated.

One official, who was not authorized to release details of the plan to the public, explained in an email that the new system will include a phased approach over time.

Travelers from Iran, China, Brazil, the United Kingdom, South Africa, India, Ireland, and Europe's 29-country, city-state and micro-state Schengen Area are currently barred from entering the United States unless they are U.S. citizens or have been in for 14 days in a country that is not on the list of banned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Airlines and other businesses have long called on the administration to lift or relax restrictions on foreign travelers to the United States, especially after much of Europe began opening up to American visitors in June.

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“The international markets that US vaccinated travelers can reach, especially in southern Europe, are generating a really big interest in booking,” said Ed Bastian, chief executive officer of Delta Air Lines last month. - The problem is that these markets are only one-way traffic. In particular, the White House is reluctant to open up the US market to European or British travelers, which is a source of disappointment. "

While travel within the United States has declined by only 14% over the past week compared to 2019, international travel remains at 40%, according to trade association Airlines for America.

The United States began restricting foreign travel in January 2020, when President Donald Trump cut off some travel from China in hopes of preventing the spread of the virus.

But health officials pushed for the Trump administration to extend travel bans across much of Europe during the first outbreak of the pandemic in spring 2020, and more countries were added to the ban as the original virus and several strains of it quickly spread from country to country.

The Biden administration said this week that it will maintain a public health rule that allows the government to return people who try to enter the United States across the southern border.

According to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at Johns Hopkins University, the known total number of global coronavirus infections exceeded 200 million on Wednesday due to the emergence of a delta strain.

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