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USA is the main source of spam in the world, Russia is in second place

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About 55% of email messages are spam or unauthorized ads. Such data are provided by Kaspersky Lab, which specializes in the development of systems for protection against spam, computer viruses, hacker attacks and other cyber threats.

In addition, an international company based in Russia claims that 15,2% come from the United States of America. Russia is in second place in the global spam traffic (6,2%), slightly ahead of Vietnam and China (in 6,1%).

In addition, Ukraine (sixth place - 4,0% of spam) and India (eighth place - 3% of spam) are among the top ten countries that carry unwanted email messages.


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According to Kaspersky Lab, among the most recent examples of spam, the use of an event that does not even happen has been particularly notable. Already in 2015, there were newsletters about winning the lottery for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, which will be held in the summer of 2016.

Users, as often happens, were informed that their email addresses were selected from among the millions of participants in the "Olympic" lottery.

Among the positive trends, Kaspersky Lab names the reduction in the proportion of spam to real e-mail. Since 2014, it has decreased by almost 11,5%.

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