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The average debt of an American family on loans is more than $ 90 thousand

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On average, families in the United States owe $ 90 and $ 336 on open loans, but this takes into account those who have no debt at all. If we count only “debtors”, the average amount will already be more than $ 130 thousand.

Such data are given in Research for 2015 year of the portal NerdWallet, which took into account the debts on credit cards, mortgages, car loans, student loans and others.

At the same time, due to interest on loans, Americans annually lose more than $ 6600 per family, which is about 9% of their average income.

For example, the average student loan per student is $ 29, and the average for a family is more than $ 48. In some families, there are several students at once, so the debt categories differ significantly.

It should be noted that not all debt is bad. For example, a mortgage loan, which is considered one of the most significant investments, since in the future the price of the property for which you pay will clearly increase.

In addition, low interest rates are coming along. The same goes for most educational loans. Debt recovery is more flexible than with many other types of loans.

The presence of several types of loans has a positive effect on your credit rating, making up about 10% of the total points.

It is much worse if you have large credit card debts. And in this case, even your high credit rating will not help you to improve the situation. The average debt on loans for a family is more than $ 15 thousand, which is about $ 2630 in losses due to accrued interest.

Try to pay more on your credit cards. Minimum payments will lead to a debt hole for decades, and a small surcharge every month will save significant funds.

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