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'Immediately kill': dangerous fish from the Far East penetrated the USA

The Wildlife Control Service of the US state of Georgia warned the population that fish known as snakeheads had entered the state. When they meet with them, they should be immediately killed, frozen and reported to the authorities, writes Air force.

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Snakeheads come from the Far East - from China and Russia, where they live in the Amur River. This fish is found in reservoirs of the Korean Peninsula.

Snakeheads are characterized by incredible appetite and the ability to breathe on land, on which they crawl like snakes. On land, they can live up to four days.

These fish have already been discovered in other states. Some call them the freshwater equivalent of a tank, as they eat everything in their path.

Snakeheads have huge jaws, large teeth, and they feel good on land, crawling from lake to lake or river.

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In the USA, they appeared in separate reservoirs several decades ago, but recently began to spread over a wider territory.

It is speculated that some Americans kept them at home in aquariums, and then, evaluating that they were dealing with a predator, began to pour them into ponds and sewers, where they adapted to local conditions and bred.

The import and transportation of the snakehead were banned at the federal level as far back as 2002, but despite the ban, predatory fish were already discovered in 15 states.

Native Hunt

The state of Georgia is urging everyone who gets snakeheads to destroy them immediately and immediately put them in the freezer, and then inform the local authorities.

These fish eat small animals, other fish, sometimes mollusks and, as far as we know, even reptiles. They can cause serious harm to the local fauna.

In the state of Georgia, a local resident was fishing in a pond when he was caught by an unfamiliar individual. He photographed her and released her back into the pond.

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But the fisherman began to torment doubts, and he showed photographs to local biologists. They immediately identified with whom they were dealing, and in the pond the hunt for the natives began.

Biologists managed to catch a half-meter snakehead and several fry. Since the fish travels on land without much difficulty, scientists are closely examining neighboring streams, ponds and swamps, but so far they have not found any signs.

Until 2002, snakeheads were bred in Arkansas, as some national cuisines consider them a delicacy.

Scientists are trying to create a map of the distribution of snakeheads in order to understand how best to deal with them.

These fish have already been discovered in Central Park in New York, Maryland, in Boston, California, Florida, North Carolina and other places.

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