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Compare healthcare prices: useful tools for saving on medical services

A new site called CarePay is designed to help patients and healthcare providers determine how much medical procedures cost. institutions and regions.

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thanks price comparison options You can enter the city or zip code of the institution where you are being treated. After you will see the price range for the specified procedure in your city.

As for the relevance of prices, then Care pay uses data from Medicaid Care Centers and Services. Nevertheless, the site notes that providers are taking more and recommends using its data to coordinate their own prices with the service provider.

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CarePay hopes that patients will enter their medical bills “to allow others to get real-time information about the actual cost of a particular procedure,” the site says.

CarePay even hopes healthcare providers share their prices.

According to the site:

“CarePay's Price Comparison Tool is designed to help patients get better healthcare offers. Providers are also encouraged to publish their rates, which ultimately will attract new patients. Armed with this information, patients can contact selected providers to negotiate an affordable price. ”

The publication of Money Talks compares several other similar tools. So Medicare, a federal health insurance program designed primarily for people 65 years old and older, introduced a price search tool for medical procedures last year Procedure Price Lookup.

There are also websites dedicated to helping shoppers buy prescription drugs:

  • Pharmacychecker - help save up to 90%;
  • Goodrx - On average, a client will save $ 276 per year;
  • Blink health - negotiates prices with certain pharmacy chains, and then reports the price in them if you buy it through the Blink Health website;
  • WeRx - Provides lists of local pharmacies and their prices;
  • - sell gift cards cheaper than their face value;

How to survive without insurance ForumDaily already told in earlier materials and gave life examples.

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