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It's not worth it: US college costs are higher than many professionals' lifetime salaries after graduation

Many people dream of college, but are daunted by the prospect of overwhelming student debt. A new study shows that about 30% of American college graduates will not earn enough money after college to offset the cost of attendance, reports Fortune.

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Much depends on the specialty

Recent report The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity shows that, in most cases, investments in higher education in the United States still pay off. But this greatly depends on the chosen specialty.

Specialties that pay off the best:

  • engineering;
  • computer science;
  • nursing;
  • economy.

For example, a person with an engineering degree can expect to earn $950 more over their lifetime than they spent on education. For those with a nursing degree, the difference is $000.

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Specialties that are not worth the money spent on them:

  • psychology;
  • English philology;
  • most humanities majors.

On average, people with a fine arts degree earn $88 less over their lifetime than they spent on their education.

Technical education generally provides a higher return on investment. However, the profitability of vocational education varies by area.

The report found that nearly 25% of four-year (bachelor's) programs have negative returns. The same goes for 43% of two-year college programs (associate degrees). For example, a bachelor's degree in drama at the University of Southern California costs students more than $160 over 000 years. But graduates of the program earn $4 less per year than those who work in theater jobs that don't require a bachelor's degree.

Meanwhile, some types of higher education can be extremely lucrative. For example, graduates of Princeton University's computer engineering program can earn $7 million more over their lifetime than they spent on their education.

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