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Employee Tip: 12 Things to Buy from Trader Joe's

Jonathan Chandler has been with Trader Joe's for almost three years. During this time, he became well acquainted with the entire assortment and knows that you can probably buy in this store, writes Insider.

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Sourdough baguette - fresh and perfect for sandwiches

Trader Joe's sourdough baguettes are delivered fresh every morning - perfect for sandwiches.

This baguette can be used to make grilled cheese sandwiches or garlic bread.

A quality baked product costs only $ 2,49.

The fruit mix is ​​always fresh

The $ 3,69 Fruit-Grape-Pineapple-Melon Mix is ​​always fresh, affordable, and provides a snack with processed foods throughout the day.

The best cabbage

Trader Joe's pre-processed kale is ideal for making salads, smoothies and kale chips.

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You get a lot of kale in each pack for $ 1,99.

Corn chips are the perfect snack

The corn chips go well with the various Trader Joe's sauces and taste really good.

They're less salty and thicker than big-name corn chips, and only cost $ 1,99 a pack.

Dried strawberries taste like lollipop

Dried strawberries can be added to oatmeal, cereals, and even salads.

They taste like candy, but no added sugar.

This strawberry costs $ 3,49 per pack.

Five-layer sauce tastes like homemade

Trader Joe's XNUMX Layer Sauce is perfect for any party and goes well with corn chips.

The $ 4,99 sauce includes sour cream, black bean hummus, mixed Mexican cheese, pico de gallio, and guacamole.

Famous chinese chicken

Trader Joe's is known for its frozen meals and classic Chinese chicken.

It can be deep-fried and paired with brown rice.

Frozen macaroni and cheese with chili

You won't find any other frozen macaroni cheese that is as good as the chili macaroni at Trader Joe's.

It's super tasty and for only $ 2,99.

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Caesar with chicken and cabbage is a great option for lunch

Caesar salad with chicken and cabbage is the best choice if you are looking for a quick lunch or light dinner.

For $ 5,99, the salad is quite filling.

Trader Joe's Grana Padano Cheese is delicious

Trader Joe's has an amazing collection of cheeses, but this Parmesan is absolutely divine.

It can be added to salads and pizza.

The price depends on the weight of the cheese.

Potato cutlets in a deep fryer

Potato patties are the perfect crunchy snack for deep fryer.

You can also add avocado to them and put the mixed cheese on top to add flavor, although they are good without it.

Each pack costs $ 2,49.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy

Dark chocolate peanut butter delicious treats are the perfect dessert.

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