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What to ask a recruiter during an interview to ensure you get the job

Arizona resident Kendall Lindstrom, 25, works in technology and runs a career consulting company called Doux. She told what 5 questions you need to ask a recruiter during an interview to get a job, reports Happy Monday.

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Lindstrom recently posted on TikTok five questions that people always come to an interview with. She says at least some of these should be asked during an interview to win over the recruiter. How to prepare for an interview in English to get a job, read our article.

What to ask a recruiter to get a job

Lindstrom says she has worked in several fields during her career, from fashion to medical sales to technology. Therefore, when searching for a job, it is advisable to focus on the career you want to pursue, rather than on previous achievements. What is better not to tell a recruiter, we wrote in our material.

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Lindstrom learned from her supervisors that nothing on her resume showed her as a good candidate for the position. However, she was told that the deciding factor was how she presented herself during the interview. The applicant was passionately and actively interested in the future company.

“My goal was to make the employer feel that I cared about the interests of the company and wanted to be a part of it,” Lindstrom admitted.

Here are the questions she recommends asking a recruiter during an interview.

1. What is the company culture?

Lindstrom recommends asking yourself what the company culture is based on. After all, if people are unhappy in their jobs, they are setting themselves up for failure.

Therefore, it is important to show the employer that you care about the environment the company creates for employees.

2. What made my predecessor/predecessor stand out?

Did the person who previously held this position do something that was not part of his duties, but was valued by the team? This question will help you “try on” your future role and “sell” yourself.

Lindstrom once asked, “What do you miss most since this person left?” and the interviewer replied that the predecessor was always bringing something from Starbucks. Then the applicant supported this idea and promised to do the same.

3. What do future colleagues expect from me?

How can you best meet the needs of the people you work with? This question helps you understand and determine how to fit into the team.

Lindstrom said some of her teams just didn't get along, but she'd rather find out during the interview process. After all, without knowing anything about the relationships of colleagues, you will have to work in an atmosphere of misunderstandings until another job is found.

4. How successful is the team?

This is a question about the current state of affairs. Lindstrom wonders if a failing department will end up and the team will expect it to fix the situation or take the blame for underachieving.

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On the one hand, this shows interest in processes even at the interview stage, a desire to help solve problems, on the other hand, it makes it possible to understand whether you want to deal with them.

5. What the future of the company looks like

Lindstrom says she never applied to the company with the intention of only working there for a year and just getting paid. She “thinks like a CEO,” so during the interview she asks what the company’s plans are for the next three, five, and ten years.

In addition, Lindstrom asks what educational activities the employer provides to help employees do their jobs better.

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