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Snow storm covers the USA, breaking 300 temperature records: report from social networks

Midwest SSA was covered by a powerful snow storm. He broke 300 temperature records, some of them held for more than 100 years. Writes about it Dailymail.

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More than 232 million people were affected by the storm. The temperature reached 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius), and in places even lower.

In a car accident on the 80 highway in Richfield, Ohio, a woman died on Tuesday morning. The accident with 16 cars happened in 8: 45 in the morning. 21-year-old Audrey Brown was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver of the semitrailer was killed on the 70 motorway on Tuesday morning - it crashed into a medical center and flew out of the cab.

3 people were sent to the hospital, 2 of them in critical condition (22 and 62 years of age) after numerous accidents involving truck wagons near Youngstown, Ohio. In the morning messages there was information that about 10: 30 over 50 cars were damaged in the same accident.

Because of icy roads near Youngstown, Ohio, 50 cars collided one after the other, causing 2 people to be seriously injured. Numerous collisions west of Hudson caused cars to fly off the highway into a ditch. South of Syracuse, New York, in the middle of the night, the 7 bus tipped over on its side after the driver lost control.

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Some of the broken temperature records were set back in the 1911 year, so you can safely call this storm historical.

More than 1400 flights to from O'Hare and Midway were canceled after more than 3 inches of snow fell (7,6 cm).

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The lowest temperature recorded during this storm reached 13 degrees Fahrenheit (-10,5 Celsius).

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Record 17 degrees Fahrenheit (-8,3 Celsius) in Chicago beat the 24-year low - the last time 28 degrees Fahrenheit (-2,2 Celsius) was recorded in the city in 1995.

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The National Weather Service reported that on Wednesday, November 13, several record-breaking highs were recorded: Binghamton (21 degrees Fahrenheit / -6,1 degrees Celsius) and Albany, New York (26 degrees Fahrenheit / -3,3 degrees Celsius ), Hartford, Connecticut (32 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 degrees Celsius), Providence, Rhode Island (32 degrees Fahrenheit / 0 degrees Celsius), Boston (33 degrees Fahrenheit / 0,5 degrees Celsius), Newark, New Jersey ( 35 degrees Fahrenheit / 1,6 degrees Celsius), Roanoke, Virginia (37 degrees Fahrenheit / 2,7 degrees Celsius), Charleston, South Carolina (47 degrees Fahrenheit / 8,3 degrees Celsius) and Savannah, Georgia (50 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 degrees Celsius).

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