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“Such diseases have existed before”: the doctor said why you should not panic because of coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging in the world for several months, during which time a lot of research has been done, even more various materials and news have been published. Ukrainian doctor Natalya Nikolaeva on her Facebook page spoke about what is worth believing and why you should not panic during this difficult time.

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Next - from the first person.

About the symptoms

I understand that you need to talk about symptoms again and again, because the state of coronapsychosis is aggravated and you need to periodically bring to life and return to reality any unnecessary conflicting information that has come under the avalanche.

You know, doctors have a concept, if not honor, then at least ethics. And it was not for nothing that the ancient doctors used Latin in a conversation between themselves and in the writing of their scientific works. Not so much as to give themselves considerable inaccessible mystery, but rather so that ordinary people do not climb where they do not need and are not afraid of what they do not understand. You yourself know that any disease can be fatal if it is properly googled.

And now in general there is access to any information, and only the lazy did not write about the coronavirus.

But what is permissible for ordinary people is not permissible for a self-respecting doctor. Because the principle of “do no harm” is the first that a doctor should take into account. Therefore, all the treatment protocols posted in the public domain cause irritation, since people immediately rush and buy incomprehensible drugs and try to escape on their own, which only adds work to resuscitators and undertakers.

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And for publications in the style: "Look, this is how the burnt lungs of a young girl who died from coronavirus, but did not know about it until the last, because there were no symptoms" - I want to chop off my hands.

Because people, frightened by the situation, begin, at the first symptoms of something incomprehensible, to look for latent pneumonia in themselves and listen to if their lungs are “burning”. And this is not funny, since people can bring themselves to anything if they constantly pour a stream of purely medical information that they do not need and do not understand.

But what is most surprising is the abundance of “new” abstruse terms from everyone around. All of a sudden they hit the pathogenesis of viral pneumonia and relish the words "frosted glass", "cytokine storm", "fibrinous exudate", as if it is something new and unprecedented hitherto. And people repeat them and insert them anywhere.

Anything you hear about fibrosis, frosted glass, cytokine storms, and everything else about burnt lungs is nothing new. It did not appear now, with the coronavirus, it was before it.

This has always been with viral pneumonia, as long as they exist. And with the flu it can be, especially with swine or chicken. Therefore, it is not necessary to make a discovery out of this, scaring people.

All severe pneumonia with coronavirus occurs almost the same as with swine flu, which was a lot this winter, but no one spoke about it.

Symptoms of the disease

The disease is divided into degrees into mild, moderate and severe.

A mild course of the disease - no pneumonia at all. Most of them.

Symptoms are varied, they can be combined, but some not at all. The temperature is from subfebrile to high, or it may not be. The cough is dry, strong, weak, or may not. Weakness, fatigue, dizziness. Sometimes very severe headaches. Very infrequently (6% of cases) diarrhea. Dryness of the nasopharynx, sometimes very severe. Often chest pain or chest pain - from light sensations of hot touch to very severe.

But this does not mean that the lungs "burn". The lungs do not burn at all with pneumonia, there, on the contrary, the alveoli are filled with inflammatory exudate, from which fibrosis can very rarely form later, and not at all. And not everyone has a cytokine storm, but very rarely. Since it is not caused by a virus, but by the peculiarities of the response of a specific immune system. It can also be observed with other diseases or intoxications, with acute pancreatitis the same, but for some reason people do not think about it when they eat anything.

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The easy course is not complicated by anything and does not become heavier. It can be from a week to two or three and passes without a trace. There is no pneumonia.

What is typical is the saturation, that is, the saturation of the blood with oxygen is normal at the same time, although some may have a feeling of shortness of breath, but it is neurotic rather. A blood test can be completely normal.

Do not look for leukopenia and eosinopenia there - this is in more severe cases and this is also not news, meaning the mystery of the virus - so with all viral pneumonia. Treatment is symptomatic, at home. But you still need to tell the doctor right away - let him watch you over the phone.

If on 4-6 days you feel worse, fever, shortness of breath or feeling that it is difficult to breathe, breathing rate at rest up to 25 or any changes in consciousness: agitation or lethargy, convulsions or something else - call a doctor or an ambulance immediately help.

Yes, there are pneumonia without fever and wheezing in the lungs that the doctor can hear, but they are asymptomatic, because the lungs are like an accident.

The more extensive the pneumonia, the more symptoms. Asymptomatic lungs do not “burn out”. And this does not arise in one day, especially the first.

And not all pneumonia pass into respiratory distress syndrome, but very rarely. And real mortality is not more than 0,5%. And the frequency of complications is not greater than with the flu.

Do not invent anything else for yourself. Do not forget that these symptoms may appear as psychosomatic with excessive suspiciousness and anxious alertness.
You don't need to read anything about the coronavirus - watch a movie or read fiction.

And most importantly - do not make something out of this virus something hitherto unseen, unexplored and incomprehensible to anyone. The pneumonia had been the same before. And they were treated, and mechanical ventilation was used, and the same mortality was and everything was. It's just that the doctors now suddenly decided to tell you about it.

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