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Deadly accidents, airport chaos, closed schools: the United States was covered by abnormal frosts

Millions of Americans have already faced the threat of severe frosts - the cold is expanding and strengthening its position in the United States. Everywhere from the Great Lakes to New England, people get out of snowdrifts, and at least 5 people, including an eight-year-old girl, died on icy roads. What is happening with the weather in America and what should residents expect in the near future?

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Because of icy roads near Youngstown, Ohio, 50 cars collided one after the other, causing 2 people to be seriously injured. As he writes CBS News, west of Hudson, numerous clashes caused cars to get off the road to the ditch. South of Syracuse, New York, in the middle of the night, the 7 bus tipped over on its side after the driver lost control.

Snowfall information comes from the northeast and the Great Lakes. In Buffalo, NY, almost 9 inches (23 cm) of snow broke the record of 77 years ago. More than 30 inches (76 cm) of snow fell in parts of northern Michigan.

Dense steam rose from Lake Superior in Minnesota when the temperature there dropped to zero, and Chicago set a new record low of 7 degrees (-14 C). But an even more unusual sight was the snow that went so far south — to Richmond, Virginia, and Nashville, Tennessee.

In New England, three students from the University of Maine got stuck in the water while conducting field research in freezing conditions - they were pulled out on a rescue boat.

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Fatalities and hospitalized after accidents in Ohio

In a car accident on the 80 highway in Richfield, Ohio, a woman died on Tuesday morning. The accident with 16 cars happened in 8: 45 in the morning. 21-year-old Audrey Brown was pronounced dead at the scene. The 70 motorway also killed a semitrailer driver on Tuesday morning - it crashed into a first-aid post and flew out of the cab.

3 people were sent to the hospital, 2 of them in critical condition (22 and 62 years of age) after numerous accidents involving truck wagons near Youngstown, Ohio. Early reports revealed that around 10: 30 in the morning more than 50 cars were damaged in the same accident.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, another accident on the I-76 resulted in the closure of the I-80 motorway and the 46 highway to the Ohio Highway. The western portion of I-80 in Austintown has also been closed from Salt Springs Road to Highway. Another accident, also involving several semitrailers, occurred in Mercer County.

Maine Snowfall and New Hampshire and Vermont Accidents

In northern Maine, snow cover reaches a foot (30 cm) while a winter storm moves across the region. Snow accumulated at the same rate in northern Vermont. Roads have become slippery in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Across the region, dozens of events were postponed through bad weather. In Maine, Governor Janet Mills on Tuesday delayed the opening of official offices.

A Vermont detective, Lieutenant John-Paul Schmidt, reported that several accidents occurred in southern Vermont on Tuesday morning. Drivers were advised to be careful.

Record Low Temperatures in Arkansas and Tennessee

As a winter storm made its way through the middle of the American South, record temperatures were recorded in three cities in Arkansas and Tennessee. The National Weather Service reported that in the cities of Memphis and Jackson on Tuesday, 21 degrees (-6 C) and 19 degrees (-7 C) were recorded respectively (the previous record was 23 and 21, respectively: -5 and -6 C). In Arkansas, the city of Jonesboro became the record holder - there are 20 degrees (-6,6 C). Light snow fell in Tennessee; some schools canceled classes or delayed the start of school day.

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Abnormal Snowfall in Buffalo, New York

At the Buffalo Airport, snowfall exceeded 10 inches (25 cm) by Tuesday morning; mid-November snowfall is considered a record. National Meteorological Service reports show that in the morning 8,7 inches (22 cm) of snow fell. Tuesday broke the record in 5,3 inches (13,4 cm) set in 1942 year. Similar rainfall in Rochester. This caused the closure of schools or a delay in the start of the day.

The bus carrying 7 passengers turned over on its side on a snowy highway south of Syracuse. No one was seriously injured, the police suggest that speeding, reasonable for such weather conditions, was to blame.

Record Low Temperatures in 6 Kansas Cities

The cold front, which froze most of Kansas, set at least 6 weather records. The National Weather Service reports Tuesday morning that Wichita, Salina, Russell, Dodge City, Garden City and Medsin Lodge set low temperature records.

The lowest temperature was in Garden City - minus 1 (-18 C), breaking the record of 7 degrees (-14 C) set in the 2018 year.

“Nowhere colder”

The National Weather Service said that on Tuesday and Wednesday, under the influence of the Arctic air masses, which covered a significant part of the Midwest and East Coast, record cold could be observed from the southern plains to the Mississippi Valley, Great Lakes and beyond. According to forecasts, temperatures below zero will be observed on the south coast of the Texas Gulf.

It is expected that records will be broken for Chicago. Meteorologist Kevin Burke said the maximum will reach 21 degrees (-6 C), which is 7 degrees lower than the previous record set on November 12. Low temperatures in Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa can drop to single digits.

“It's pretty much the coldest — there's nowhere colder — the weather at this time of the year, which could break records all over the region,” says Burke.

4 people died due to poor road conditions

According to officials, at least 4 people died in car accidents involving snow, ice and poor driving conditions.

According to a Facebook post from the Eaton County Sheriff’s Department, 3 people died in two car crashes in Michigan.

“It is believed that the cause of this disaster was very poor road conditions, but the investigation is still ongoing,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

In Kansas, according to Kansas Highway Patrol, an 8-year-old girl died when the car lost control on an icy track. The car crossed the center line and crashed into the car where the child was.

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More than 30 cm of snow expected in the northeast

More snow is expected in some parts of the northeast in the coming days. The National Meteorological Service said that in the northernmost state of Maine, 10-14 inches (25-36 cm) of snow may fall, in some parts of central and northern Vermont a foot (30 cm) of snow will fall. Fewer are expected in upstate New Hampshire, in parts of western Maine and in the foothills. Low air temperatures will persist throughout the environment.

More than 1000 flights canceled in Chicago and plane left the lane

Airlines at O'Hare and Medway airports have canceled more than 1000 flights due to snow conditions. The heaviest snowfall is expected to reach 3-6 inches (7,5-15 cm) of rainfall, and it is expected in northern and central Chicago. The total rainfall in the city will be 2-4 inches (5-10 cm).

American Airlines flight from Greensboro, North Carolina, slid off the runway at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Monday morning after landing. None of the 38 passengers or three crew members were injured.

Accidents and injuries on the roads of St. Louis

On Monday, an 61 accident was recorded in the St. Louis area due to snowfall. 9 people were injured during traffic accidents caused by snowfalls. Snow has also worsened traffic on a number of interstate highways. On one of them, the wagon blocked all movement eastward, while on the other side the road was blocked by another wagon, leaving only one lane eastward.

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