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Social Security has created a calculator that can calculate how much you have left to live

Have you ever thought about what he would do if he knew how much he had left to live. Now I have a chance to check it out. The US Social Security Administration has created a life expectancy calculator.

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The principle of its operation is very simple: you need to enter your gender, date of birth - and the calculator will show you what your life expectancy will be.

This calculator is available at link.

Of course, there are nuances. This calculator does not take into account a large number of factors such as current health, lifestyle and family history. And such factors can increase or decrease life expectancy. The data is based only on the gender and date of birth you provide and general agency information about your age group.

But no matter how much the calculator shows, there are 10 rules that you should implement now so that you don’t regret anything later.

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Monitor your healthto follow your dreams, even if they change over time. Eat better and exercise better. Keep going to the doctor and doing those horrible colonoscopies. Be aware of the possible manifestations of various diseases, but do not lose heart, writes RVTravel.

Get things in order. Make wills, powers of attorney, and medical orders. This is a simple step that will save your children and loved ones countless hours of tidying up after you.

Be kinder, less selfish. Let your loved ones enjoy their little joys that annoy you. Just enjoy life and the fact that you have people that you love and who love you.

Let your children and loved ones live their lives. Let them go and be less directive and less critical of them. Let them live their lives and make their own successes and mistakes.

Connect more with family and friends. Let go of the past and let go of resentment and anger. The past is in the past, and the family is priceless. In a study that included a wide range of people (from youth to octogenarians), the only predictor of happiness in their later years was their connection to family and friends. This connection prevailed over finances, education, past, health and life experiences.

Be clear. Be clear and deliberate about what brings joy and what just takes time. Do you really want to fill your time with the evening news or another edition of CSI Los Angeles?

Maintain values. This does not require you to be a zealous volunteer or feed all the homeless in the area. Determine your values ​​and how much you can financially invest to support those who share your values.

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Do it now. If you wanted to travel, plan and go, don't procrastinate.

Review your wish list. Some desires in it may no longer be relevant, and some you managed to fulfill and did not notice. Think about what's important to you now, and don't run after the stupidity you wanted 20 years ago.

Consider whether this matters. In general, with the brevity of life, do small stimuli matter? For example, recently conducted a poll on whether to leave dishes in the sink overnight. If you hate dirty dishes in the sink and will wash them even if you fall down, does it really matter?

Remember: every day is worth living. Every spectacle is unforgettable, every day is worth it, and time on earth is so fleeting.

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