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Listen and be silent: Dyson introduced headphones with a filter mask to purify the air

Dyson has revealed a detailed description and cost of its first headphones. But these are not ordinary headphones - while you are listening to your favorite music, a special mask cleans the air of harmful particles. How much will such an unusual device cost?

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Dyson is a company known for its innovative solutions. Their vacuum cleaners or hand dryers are leaders in their categories. In addition, the company is famous for its hair dryers and stylers.

The Dyson Zone headphones will be available to order in the spring of 2023 for $949. At their cost, they surpassed even the top models of Apple and Sony.

The smallest engines ever made by the company will run at 10 rpm to ensure that the dual-layer filters clean the air of pollen, dust, bacteria, exhaust gases and other pollutants.

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The clean air will then enter your mouth and nose through a magnetically attached mask that is also designed to block wind. This air filtration system will come in handy during daily trips through a polluted metropolis. The company clarifies that the filters need to be changed approximately every 12 months. The headphones will remind you to change the filter.

The Dyson Zone has a unique problem: the electric motors and fans are located right next to the user's ears. Eight active noise-canceling microphones monitor ambient noise 384 times per second. The headphones have two additional microphones for processing the sounds of the air filtration system and capturing the user's voice during phone calls.

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The manufacturer promises that the headphones are fully charged in about three hours, and you can use them for a maximum of 50 hours. However, the battery life of the Dyson Zone is significantly reduced when the air filtration system is activated. At the purifier's lowest setting, the Dyson Zone's battery life reaches just four hours, but drops to 2,5 hours at the medium setting and is only 1,5 hours when the air filtration system is running at full capacity.

The weight of such a device is rather big: in a complete set, the headphones weigh 670 grams, without a mask - 595 grams.

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