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Word of the week: 10 non-obvious meanings of the phrasal verb break

The list of phrasal verbs in English has the verb break. This verb, being incorrect (break-broke-broken), is one of the most common English verbs in use, writes Engblog. In addition to its basic meanings of “breaking, parting, breaking,” as a phrase, this verb has a dozen more meanings that you can hardly guess from the combination of the main meaning and preposition (adverbs).

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That is why we remember how the phrase verb break will be translated in combination with various prepositions. And examples that illustrate the use of a specific phrasal verb break help to consolidate the material presented.

Meanings of the phrasal verb break

Among the meanings of the phrasal verb break, there are also such:

Break away

Break out (from prison), give up (from old habits), break away (from the group); disperse (about the clouds), get rid of something, do away with something.

  • When are you going to break away from this bad habit? “When are you going to end this bad habit?”
  • I broke away from my old friends. - I moved away from my old friends.
  • It was very cloudy in the morning, but soon the clouds broke away. - In the morning it was very cloudy, but later the clouds dispersed.

break down

Break out (door), break down (resistance), give in, collapse, fall off (not sustain), break down, fail, disassemble, divide, deteriorate (about health), fail, burst into tears, etc.

  • When she knew that her father died she broke down in tears. - When she found out that her father was dead, she burst into tears.
  • Our car broke down about five kilometers out of the city and we had to walk home. - Our car broke down five kilometers from the city, and we had to go home on foot.
  • My health broke down. - My health has been shaken.
  • I feel our relationship has broken down. - I feel that our relationship is over.

Break ahead

Rush forward, break out, exclaim.

  • The new volcano broke forth in the valley. - A new volcano awoke in the valley. (A new volcano erupted in the valley).
  • They broke forth into singing. - They sang loudly.


Break into (at the door), drive out (horse), wear (shoes), intervene (in conversation), tame.

  • Do you know how to break in a new car? - Do you know how to break in a new car?
  • The door of this house is open. Somebody might have broken in. - The door of the house is open. Maybe someone broke into the house.

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break into

Suddenly start something, suddenly change the speed of movement, interrupt (conversation), break in, invade, burst out (laughter, tears).

  • When he saw his daughter he broke into a broad smile. - He smiled in all his teeth when he saw his daughter.
  • The garage has been broken into three times this year. - This year, the garage was hacked three times.
  • Thief broke into bank lavatory. - The thief broke into the bank toilet.

break off

Break off, break (relationship), terminate (engagement), shut up, end (friendship), break off.

  • He has broken off his engagement with Chrissy. - He broke the engagement with Chrissy.
  • They were not satisfied with the terms of a contract so they decided to break off negotiations. - They were not satisfied with the terms of the contract and they decided to interrupt the negotiations.
  • He was telling his ridiculous story and suddenly broke off. - He told his ridiculous story and suddenly fell silent.

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break out

Run away, flare up (about a fire), break out (about a war), come out (rash), appear, start.

  • He was afraid of speaking in public. Being nervous he broke out into a sweat. - He was afraid to speak in public. He was nervous and sweat.
  • The prisoner broke out. - The prisoner escaped.
  • My son broke out in hives. - My son has an allergic rash.

Break out of

Escape from anywhere.

  • How did you manage to break out of her house? - How did you manage to escape from her house?

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break through

Break through, break through, do, achieve, make a discovery, make a drive, go ahead.

  • The sun broke through heavy clouds over my city. - In my hometown, the sun broke through the clouds.

break up

To explode (land), break (furniture), stop (assembly), introduce disorder into the family, deteriorate, change (about the weather), minimize, weaken, close (for the holidays), etc.

  • The party didn't break up until three in the morning. - The guests dispersed (the party ended) only at three in the morning.
  • School will break up next month. - Classes at school will end next month.
  • Mike and I have broken up. “Mike and I broke up.”
  • The crowd broke up. - The crowd dispersed.
  • Clouds are breaking up, but the weather is dicey. - The clouds disperse, but the weather is unpredictable.

As you can see, there are only 10 positions in the list, and this is not so much for a phrasal verb, so do not put off studying the phrasal verb break.

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