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The faint-hearted not to watch: 10 films and series about viruses and epidemics

Empty streets, closed restaurants, the abolition of trains and flights - all this we have seen more than once in horror films. Edition MC.Today picked up 10 films and series about viruses, infection and quarantine.

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We don’t recommend watching them faint-hearted - against the background of the closure of the metro, shopping centers and borders, it becomes creepy.

Resident Evil, 2002-2016

A cult series of films based on the game Resident Evil. Umbrella Pharmaceutical Corporation creates a virus that turns humans into zombies. At first, the virus spreads in an underground laboratory, then it infects entire cities, countries.

With the walking dead, Mila Jovovich fights with varying success. The films have a complete set: panic in stores, empty streets, closed cities. Doesn’t resemble anything?

Infection, 2011

The film makes even skeptics tense up. There are no walking dead or corporations who want to destroy the world. But there is an unknown virus, which, due to trains and planes, is spreading around the world with great speed.

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A disease kills people in a matter of days. Of course, there is no vaccine. To develop it, you need to find the source of the virus. This is what a group of scientists is doing, while the number of victims is growing, and chaos and panic begin in cities.

The Train to Busan, 2016

The South Korean film tells the story of manager Suk-u, who decided to celebrate his daughter's birthday with her mother in Busan. A second before departure, a woman runs into the train who is infected with an unknown virus. She turns into a zombie, the disease is rapidly spreading by train, over time - throughout the country.

The heroes' goal is to get to Busan, where the military managed to create a safe zone.

The Walking Dead, 2010 and is still filming

In one of the most famous series about the "zombie apocalypse" in fact there are not so many zombies. Much more is said here about surviving people and the new world after the epidemic.

The main character, assistant to the sheriff Rick Grimes, after being wounded, once in the hospital, comes to his senses. Everything around looks abandoned. The hero understands that a biological catastrophe happened and the streets of the city are filled with the living dead. He tries to find his family, meets other survivors along the way, and leads the struggle for survival.

Quarantine, 2008

Two journalists should report on the night work of firefighters. Together with the brigade they go on a call - to the apartment building, where an elderly woman screams on the upper floors. Journalists, along with firefighters and policemen, enter the house and find an old woman who behaves very strangely. A woman rushes at people and tries to bite them.

At this time, the house is cordoned off by biologists and the police. It turns out that residents are affected by the virus, which is most similar to the rabies virus and is transmitted by bites. Will the heroes get out?

The Plague, 2018

We remind you that a variety of pandemics for humanity is not a new thing at all. For example, in the XNUMXth century, the bubonic plague raged in Europe, and the series takes place in Spanish Seville. At the height of the epidemic, several high-profile killings are taking place in the city. Mateo, the convicted criminal, is entrusted with investigating them, and he agrees - because if he can investigate the crime and not die from the plague, he will be released.

“28 days later”, 2002

Activists rush into a laboratory where viruses are tested. In a fight, they accidentally open a cage, and one of the sick monkeys is free. She bites the activist, resulting in an epidemic.

28 days later, in the hospital, the main character comes to his senses - he realizes that London is desolate, therefore, is looking for information in old newspapers. Later he manages to meet several more survivors. Together they try to escape from the hordes of infected.

Fever, 2002

Five friends rented a house in the forest. Already on the spot, they meet a sick man whom the heroes drive away and accidentally set fire to. A man runs away and dies in a nearby lake.

In the morning, one of the heroines drinks a glass of water, which is served from the lake. Wounds appear on the girl’s body, she quickly weakens. "Friends" close the sick girl in the barn. This starts a chain of tragic events that leads to the death of all members of the company.

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A few days later, local children make lemonade from contaminated lake water and sell it in the city. The day is hot, so trading is brisk.

“I am a legend”, 2007

A mutated cancer medicine turns into a virus and kills half of the world's population. The second half turns into vampires who die from sunlight. After a couple of years, New York was empty, and the protagonist Robert Neville seems to be the only survivor.

He walks with his dog and communicates with mannequins, fleeing infected at night and trying to find a cure. Later, the hero meets Anna, who, together with her son, is looking for a colony of survivors. They decide to look for her together to pass on the serum.

12 Monkeys, 1995

The film takes place in 2035. A virus of unknown origin has almost destroyed humanity. A group of scientists has already learned to even travel to the past, but there is still no vaccine for the disease, because for its development it is necessary to establish the source of infection.

Criminal James Cole is sent to the past - if he can trace the chain of the virus, scientists will create a vaccine, and James himself will get freedom.

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