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How much does food cost in the USA and why is it difficult to get used to American products

Today I’ll talk about the prices of products that we buy in American stores most often.

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I'll start with the meat theme. We take beef almost every Saturday, it turns very steak very well, says Lena Lukashova in her blog for “Yandex Zen”. Immediately, I note that the price is most often indicated for 1 pound, that is, about 0,5 kg. That is, 1 kg of beef per steak is about $ 20. We also buy chicken often, the price of 1 kg is $ 16. However, this is so called organic chicken, raised without antibiotics. This fact is confirmed by the green logo on the USDA organic packaging, which indicates the passage of the requirements for this part of the USDA. Otherwise, such marking is prohibited.

Inorganic chicken is 2,5 times cheaper - about $ 7 per 1 kg. Stuffing for cutlets $ 13,98 for 1 kg.

Often we take salmon from fish. Waterfowl here are sold in an already cut form. However, anyone who wants even less trouble with cooking, buys sets with already cut salmon and vegetables. Which can only be baked in the oven. The price of such a pleasure is almost $ 8.

Potatoes here are mainly sold in packages of 5 lb or 2,3 kg. The price for such a bag is $ 4,99. Most often I buy brown rice, it costs here $ 1,55 for 1 kg.

Tomatoes are a separate topic of American supermarkets. Despite the abundance, quality is poor. However, quite good, not wooden specimens come across. Price $ 1,49- $ 1,99 for 0,5 kg.

But the price for peppers and cabbage has already been indicated by the piece. When I walk past the shelves, I involuntarily begin to believe that a perfectionist is working here, laying out everything with jewelry painstaking attention. One sweet yellow pepper - $ 1,49

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Already washed and chopped fruits for the American, the usual thing. Here they take whole boxes with such sets, where pieces of pineapple are adjacent to melon, oranges and apples.

For me, this phenomenon is from the category to see, but not buy. Therefore, in the boxes I prefer to take only berries (an average of $ 4,99 per kilogram box of organic).

See Clearance inscription - these are products with maximum discounts, up to 75%. Some of them will expire soon. However, wine and some packaging of cookies can still live exactly a month, according to the date of manufacture. I believe that unpopular goods also appear on this shelf.

Large packages are common to many products in America. So, milk is sold in a bottle of 1 gallon ($ 2,5 for 4 liters), eggs in 18 pieces ($ 3,99 for that amount).

Curiously, the choice of juices in America is limited. Of course, you can well find multifruit, and cherry, and apple. But it will be lonely standing packages near the orange kingdom of orange juice, the most popular here.

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I admit honestly, for sweets in America, I'm still not a big special. I prefer to bake it myself, or buy bars. For the price of 4 pieces - $ 5.

Finding bread in America, like many products familiar to Russians, is not a difficult task. Well, take a look at a regular California supermarket.

Indeed, from the varieties of bread dizzy. And the smell! Mmm, the baking department beckons with the scent of freshly baked buns!

I go to the shelf. The most common white bread Wheat Bread. By the way, at the lowest price here - $ 1,29. However, the taste disappoints him. Why?

Very watery and too airy, like a loaf of air, and then slightly doused with mineral water. It tastes damp, it’s very soft to the touch. Yes, the price for the States is more than pleasant, but alas, the joy of absorbing such bread is not enough.

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Nearby on the shelf is his neighbor - 100% Whole Bread, only slightly higher at a price of $ 1,99. What is he like?

Sweetish, even a little sugary, as if sprinkled with sugar crumbs. And still soft and watery. By the way, honey is added to many types of bread in America, because of which cheese or sausage does not fit well with them.

We pass further and we meet buns for burgers and hot dogs ($ 3,99 and $ 3,49). Many Americans eat them in even greater proportions than bread. Yes, yes, the very basis for fast food. Very soft, but the taste is neutral, more pleasant, unlike the above.

What is curious, in the American food culture it is not customary to eat bread just like that, with soup or a main dish. It will certainly be spread with butter or jam.

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Whole grain bread at one of the maximum prices here is $ 5,99. When I tried it for the first time, I immediately felt like a handful of sunflower seeds in my mouth. But the texture is still the same, very very airy.

- What the hell! - many will be outraged. - He walks here and everyone finds fault!

But alas, American bread is very, very unusual. And I finally found bread that tastes like ours. This is an “Italian” bun, also for $ 5,99. You break it, and immediately the wonderful aroma of such a familiar white bread. Moderately dense and well-fed.

What pushed me the first time - almost all American bread contains niacin and thiamine mononitrate, artificial forms of vitamins B3 and B1. For some reason, they like to add vitamins to milk, only D3.

Truly Russian bread can be found in our stores, of which there are also plenty in California. Borodinsky there $ 3, for example, without vitamins. But believe me, it's worth it!

How much is spent on the shopping cart in the end? According to my calculations, for two people on average - about $ 100-130 per week.

At some time, $ 150-200 can be used, but if purchased for the future (for example, 5 packages of butter), replenish supplies of household chemicals. In this case, we go to Costco, a huge hypermarket warehouse.

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